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QYC Q3 Week 1 Recaps

Tank Commanders!

Week 1 of QYC Q3 has finished! Were you there to watch the mayhem?

If you didn't, check out the replays below. Watch the video of the matches as they play out in front of you, or read the text version.

There's a lot more matches to catch in the next few weeks, so check back next week for more recaps, or watch the QYC matches live!

8th October


Match 1: Horseman vs. [C]SODA

Match 1: Horseman vs. [C]SODA

The first order of the day was a team from Taiwan playing off against a new face from Japan. The first map was Siegfried Line. The most visible part of the game was seeing Horseman load into the game with 4 KV85s, and their infamous process-of-elimination-style scouting. Confident in knowing where their opponents were not, they moved in to initiate a capture. [C]SODA maneuvered themselves into position to flank, but in the end the coordination was not enough to overcome horseman, who took down team SODA in a matter of seconds, dropping only a single tank. Map number two was played on Sacred Valley. SODA simply took their entire team to the village at the southeast end of the map, but that wasn’t even enough to put themselves into a draw scenario against the aggressive style of Horseman.

Match 1 Winner

[C]SODA 0:2 Horseman


Match 2: B-Gaming Entertainment Tankers NVIDIA ACES Gaming Alpha

Match 2: B-Gaming Entertainment Tankers vs NVIDIA ACES Gaming Alpha

Map number one was played on El Halluf. Interestingly enough, this game ended in a draw, with a lot of tanks from B-Gaming getting banged up, but neither side really losing any when the 00:00 hit. Game number 2 was played on Malinovka, and NVIDIA Aces took this one in solid fashion, chasing down B-Gaming at the end, and not dropping a single tank.

Match 2 Winner

NVIDIA Aces Gaming Alpha 2:1 B-Gaming Entertainment Tankers



10th October


Match 3: B-Gaming Entertainment Tankers vs [C]SODA



Match 3: B-Gaming Entertainment Tankers vs [C]SODA

Game number one was played on Sacred Valley. With the AMX 12t that B-Gaming had on their team, they pushed him into the capture point, baiting out many exposed tanks from [C]SODA. With this play being made, B-Gaming was able to dish out many free-shots on their opponents. Frustrated and frantic at 80% on the capture, three tanks from SODA rushed to the capture circle to take out the AMX 12t with success, but initiating a reverse capture was attempted and unsuccessful. With the remaining time on the clock and remaining two tanks on the field, B-Gaming won the game by hunting down their opponents. Game number two on El Halluf was a very long and twisted assortment of picks played by both ends, with B-Gaming getting the worst end of the exchange. However, what won them the set was the draw at 2:1.

Match 3 Winner

B-Gaming Entertainment Tankers 2:1[C]SODA


Finals: Horseman vs NVIDIA Aces Gaming Alpha



Finals: Horseman vs NVIDIA Aces Gaming Alpha

Game number one was played on Malinovka with neither side rushing the center of the hill. This was a game of picks that ended in a draw. Game number 2 was played out on Siegfried Line. NVIDIA Aces’ coordination prevented Horseman from getting a capture, but at the same time did not get themselves the win. With a 2:2 end score, we were going to see an assault mode game to determine who was going to go on to the QYC Season Finals. The Assault mode game was played out on Sand River. The game was over three minutes after it began, and Horseman took that game in definitive fashion, employing the least expected strategy to come from Horseman: a rush. But it all became apparent with how they should coordinate fire after they picked up on the mispositioning of their unsuspecting enemy team. Horseman takes the set and goes to the grand finals.

Finals Winner

Horseman 3:2 NVIDIA ACES Gaming Alpha