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Quarter Year Championship Q2: Tournament Recaps - Week 3

Tank Commanders!

Rushing into enemy base without shooting would give opponents more of a fight than not showing up. Intense Honking delivered a victory right up to the doorsteps of Little Tankers and ELONG when they missed the tournament.

With three teams left in the arena, the fight for the weekly championship title commenced.

How did the champion team win their spot? Catch up on the recaps to find out!

Match 1: Horseman vs. ELONG: 0:2

Match 1

Game one was played out on Ruinberg. ELONG made a risky move by putting the M24 Chaffee into the capture circle. It was a huge risk indeed – Horseman came rattling down the H Line to defend their turf. Although the first shot came from ELONG, the Chaffee was still a lone ranger.  A Chaffee from Horseman downed the intruder. The match ended in a 2v3 engagement which resulted in a victory for Horseman.

The second game was played out on Ensk. Most notably, ELONG chose an interesting weapon in their lineup – a KV-1 with a 122mm cannon – very strong damage output, but terribly inaccurate with a 10-second reload. However, the KV-1 was the first vehicle to fall – two tanks took about 20 seconds to take him out. Horseman dominated the map after a short game of hide-and-seek with Black_Elong_CN.

Match 1 Winner

ELONG 0:2 Horseman



Finals: Horseman vs. B-Gaming Little Tankers: 0:2


The finalists of this week rolled out in Prokhorovka for their first match. After a 9-minute standoff on the hill to the eastern side, Horseman lost their patience just a little, but it certainly paid off. B-Gaming Little Tankers had their T49 in a forward-fortified position, and it got rushed by Horseman's M24. In a panic, the Little Tankers exposed themselves to enemy fire while trying to save their teammate, allowing Horseman to destroy their enemy team.

Game 2 was played on Ensk. Horseman gained an early-game lead when they coordinated a few attacks on B-Gaming Little Tankers. After a short and twisted tango, the Taiwanese team came out top with a perfect 2-0 score.

Finals' Winner

B-Gaming Little Tankers 0:2 Horseman