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Quarter Year Championship Q2: Tournament Recaps - Week 2

Tank Commanders!

It was unfortunate that two teams from the Philippines were not able to compete in the Championship due to typhoons. However, the two remaining teams, Horseman and B-Gaming ViWako, played some great games!

How did the games go? Let's find out in this week's recaps.


Finals: Horseman vs. B-Gaming ViWako: 1:2


Game 1 took place on Prokhorovka. Basic text-book accuracy cost B-Gaming ViWako a victory, and put Horseman up one point. Game 2 was played on Himmelsdorf. Two tanks from Horseman fell quickly, and it was up to the last member to try achieving a victory against three tanks with full HP. The odds weren't in his favour and the score quickly became 1-1. After 9 minutes of battling with patience and precise decision-making, Horseman piled in on the position where B-Gaming ViWako was hiding in Ruinberg, and all three members of Horseman were mauled down one at a time. B-Gaming ViWako advanced to the grand finals for Season 2 of the QYC.

Finals' Winner

Horseman 1:2 B-Gaming ViWako