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Prelude: Team Challenge Video

Tank Commanders,

The WGL APAC ASIA S3 Finals contestants, ELONG and Horsemen, were challenged to duke it out in real. “Team Challenge” is a special on-ground “game mode” offered only to the best of tournament teams. Contestants would not only be tested on their mental agility, but also their physical reflexes and most importantly, team spirit.

What are our eSports finalists in Asia are made of? We find out through six rounds of paintball battles!

It was barely after the finals ended in Taiwan. The teams only had a day’s rest. Despite the season’s cold weather, most of them were ready to charge into battle with the exception of Horsemen’s (not-so-magical) unicorn who called in sick.

Keep your eyes on the portal, because their Team Challenge Video is coming right up!

In the meantime, here are some snapshots of what happened during the Team Challenge event.