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[PH] Pinoy Tank Pride 3 Tournament

[Update] Grand Finals: Pinoy Tank Pride 3 Tournament

The Grand Finals will be happening this Sunday, 7 August, 2016 at 3pm onwards! Players who qualified for this round will be asked to join a training room. 

Don't miss the livestream!

Tank Commanders in the Philippines!

Get ready for another exciting national event! The Pinoy Tank Pride 3 Online Tournament will soon be held, and we're calling all able tank commanders from the Philippines to team up and take part.

If you already have a band of brothers that you demolish your opponents with on Ranked Battle mode night after night, here's your chance to step it up and show your country what you're capable of. If you're just an aspiring player with big dreams, we want you too - who knows, perhaps you could be the David against this tournament's Goliath?

As winner of the tournament, you won't just be known as champion to every World of Tanks player in Asia; a handsome cash reward could also be yours as the main prize! The champion of the Grand Finals will receive a total cash prize of PHP 30,000, while the 1st and 2nd Runner-ups will get PHP 20,000 and PHP 10,000 respectively.

The complete tournament details (including the registration link) are provided below.

The Pinoy Tank Pride Tournament

This tournament will be held in four separate phases: Round 1, Round 2, Semi-finals and Grand Finals. The 1st and 2nd Rounds are the qualifiers where all teams will be seeded into groups. The winners from these groups will then progress to the Semi-finals and the Grand Finals respectively to determine the ultimate winning team.

Note: This tournament will be held entirely online.

Important Dates

  • 15 - 29 July: Tournament Registration
  • 30 July: 1st Round, 8pm onwards
  • 31 July: 2nd Round, 8pm onwards
  • 6 August: Semi-finals, 8pm onwards
  • 7 August: Grand Finals, 3pm onwards

Rules and Regulations

Like any other tournament, we have rules to make sure everyone gets an equal chance to show their skills and have a good time. Here's what you need to know:

General Regulations

  • Failure to show up at the appointed time for a scheduled match will result in a Default, or be considered a loss to the absent team. The opposing team will win and move to the next round automatically.
  • The starting tank line-up for each team must be declared to WG staff to avoid any sudden changes in tank selection after players enter the Training Room.
  • Teams will not be allowed to change their tank selections after the conclusion of each round (unless the map used is changed into an Assault map).
  • Each Account / IGN / Player can only register once in the entire tournament regardless of Team and City. Failure to abide by this rule will result in immediate disqualification of his team(s) from the tournament.

Tournament Format

  • 7 vs 7 (1 reserve player per team)
  • Single Elimination (Winners: 1st, 2nd and 3rd place)
  • Best of 3 (10 mins, with 2 mins break)
  • Attack / Defense
  • Map List: Prokhorovka, Murovanka, Steppes, Mines, Himmelsdorf, Ghost Town, Cliff, Ruinberg
  • Vehicles allowed: Tier VIII to X
  • Max total Tier count: 68


  • Champion Team: PHP 30,000 (shared between the team)
  • 1st Runner-up Team: PHP 20,000 (shared between the team)
  • 2nd Runner-up Team: PHP 10,000 (shared between the team)

Sign up now!

The Pinoy Tank Pride tournament has become a special event for the World of Tanks community in the Philippines. What better way to make yourself known than to participate and to win?

It's time to gather up your friends and set up a real team. Click on the link below to begin registration for the tournament, but don't wait too long: only a maximum of 50 teams will be accepted.

Good luck and Roll Out!

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