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The Pacific Rumble – Japanese Wildcard!

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A huge battle is about to begin in Tokyo, and the list of legendary champions fighting for domination just wouldn’t be complete without one of Japan’s very own rising up to defend their home soil. But who will prove worthy of the honour?

Enter Caren Tiger and B-Gaming, two of Asia’s best Japanese teams, and our Top 8 finalists in All You Need Is Battle Season 2. Come 15th October 2015 8pm UTC +8, these tanking titans will go head-to-head to determine who will be joining the Asian and North American teams at The Pacific Rumble in November. Return to this page at the appointed time to watch the match live in the embedded player above!

Caren Tiger




Note: Official commentary will be available in English only.
For guest broadcasts from some of our top players in other languages, please follow the links below.

Caren Tiger (repeat broadcast in Japanese on 16th October 2015 8pm UTC +8)