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[PH] TanksAsia Masters National Series Qualifier Results

Dear Tank Commanders,

The qualifiers for TanksAsia Masters National Serise Philippines have just wrapped up and we're pleased to announce the teams who will be moving on to the finals. These teams will be contesting for a top prize of PHP 64,500, T-shirts, full set gaming peripherals and 70,000 gold. In addition, the champions will secure a slot to compete for bigger and better prizes in TanksAsia Masters Season 2!

Click on the links below to view the winners for each region:

Team PVP Missionary

Manila Winner

Bakal | R_P | Mage11 | Truth | Ishlashkiss | tertol | HondaS2000 | Heero

Trigger Happy Bunnies

Cavite Winner

vincemcabs | trigger01 | Blindsight | miamark2210 | nomirod | Mr Goto | Bluedragonx | ZyLyn16_4ever

Bacolod United

Bacolod Winner

pjdgreat | macky2012 | Genevive | baktin1 | bok25 | noremorsey | S3mbr3ak3R  

PVP Tribu Sugbo

Cebu Winner

Carabao | critical_hit | ayswuter | Kyou | tedamaru | Calayo | Topixelle

PVP Eyes on the Board

Davao Winner

DENDOWS | Zphania | jayson420 | sgt_robert | JoHnSoN042281 | brax07 | SmallTank

Gensan Allied Tankers

General Santos Winner

wafaaak | BisDak | FLOWERHORN | jofaxx | eros_apollo1935 | boykamang12 | itsaguything

PVP Royale Mastermind

Iloilo Winner

Trumz | Uroy | mightythor | XxSaitoHajimeXx | blackmamba24 | Spec_ops | brent32

Cagayan Alliance Team

Cagayan De Oro Winner

Col_Havoc | buntoy561 | Ace_TanKsPanKER | cyrus_virus | tigertank24 | zhaiiizky | MrHiro

Catch the Finals of National Series Philippines!

Head down to the finals to catch all the action live and show your support for your favourite teams by cheering them on. The finals will be held on 23rd November at Mineski Infinity Katipunan, Quezon City so be sure not to miss it if you want to find out which team from the Philippines will go on to Season 2. See you there!

TanksAsia Masters National Series Philippines Finals
Date November 23, 2013
Time Mineski Infinity Katipunan, Quezon City
Venue 1pm – 5pm (local time)

Go to TanksAsia Masters National Series Philippines microsite.