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Gold Series Team Interviews: Team Efficiency

Tank Commanders,

Teams who want to defend their win rates will probably think twice before taking on the likes of Team Efficiency. Don't be fooled by their adorable mascot or their humility. Take them seriously and you'll be rewarded with a good challenge.

How do these tournament veterans feel about being in the Gold Series? Find out here:



Team Efficiency



WG: How do you feel about qualifying for the Gold Series and being in the lineup for a shot at the Grand Finals?

T-E: Feels like it's expected of us since we placed 2nd last season, a lot of pressure is on us this season.

WG: What is your main focus now that you’re in the Gold Series?

T-E: Just play to the best of our ability.

WG: How would you describe your team’s play style?

T-E: Defensive.

WG: Which team in the Gold Series do you feel is your biggest competitor?

T-E: As always, PVPSF.

WG: How well do you think your team can do in the tournament?

T-E: With this amount of quality teams in the Gold league, our chances at finals have been reduced significantly.

WG: Do you feel that the team is at its peak or are there more improvements you’d like to work on?

T-E: Definitely needs a lot more improvement, as mentioned in a previous interview, every game we play improves us ever so slightly.

WG: How do you go about preparing for a match? Do you spectate or watch any replays of the other teams?

T-E: We spend a lot of our time together as a team playing this game and also other game titles. We also watch livestreams together for fun and also to keep up with the current meta.

WG: Where will we be seeing more of the team in the future? Are you planning on taking part in more tournaments hosted by Wargaming?

T-E: Definitely, however due to work and study commitments, T-E might not be around forever.