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Gold Series Team Interviews: PVP Super Friends

Tank Commanders,

This team from the Philippines has seen their fair share of glorious days. PVP Super Friends may seem strong and mighty, but they're also cool enough to admit that there are teams out there who are as strong as they are, if not stronger. WG has a chat with the team as they talk about their strengths and weaknesses with a touch of light humour.



PVP Super Friends



WG: How do you feel about qualifying for the Gold Series and being in the lineup for a shot at the Grand Finals?

PVP Super Friends: We feel very lucky that we got into the Gold Series along with very tough teams.

WG: What is your main focus now that you’re in the Gold Series?

PVP Super Friends: Win as much as we can and play more consistently.

WG: How would you describe your team’s play style?

PVP Super Friends: We are an aggressive team. We hate camping, but when needed, we will camp.

WG: Which team in the Gold Series do you feel is your biggest competitor?

PVP Super Friends: Biggest competition would be T-E. They are good friends of our team and our worst nightmare.

WG: How well do you think your team can do in the tournament?

PVP Super Friends: With training, dedication, and with luck - good ping, we will do everything and anything to win and win.

WG: Do you feel that the team is at its peak or are there more improvements you’d like to work on?

PVP Super Friends: There is always room for improvement.

WG: How do you go about preparing for a match? Do you spectate or watch any replays of the other teams?

PVP Super Friends: Use the batcomputer to analyze team data and replays. :P

WG: Where will we be seeing more of the team in the future? Are you planning on taking part in more tournaments hosted by Wargaming?

PVP Super Friends: Most definitely, we are here as long as Batman guides us through the dark.