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Gold Series Team Interviews: ELONG

Tank Commanders,

When it comes to training and facing opponents, these guys show respect and discipline in their battles. ELONG is a realistic bunch of tank commanders. They are able to acknowledge the potential challenges they will face in the Gold Series and yet exude a determination to win.

More from ELONG in their interview below:





WG: How do you feel about qualifying for the Gold Series and being in the lineup for a shot at the Grand Finals?

ELong.Kai: Having gained the qualification, we are extremely delighted. Our previous efforts contributed to the achievement, but the assistance of WGL-APAC is also highly appreciated. As we know, it is just the beginning. In an attempt to enter the Grand Finals and rise to the challenge of Korean champions, we are still supposed to spare no efforts to defeat dozens of teams. I’m fully convinced that we shall manage it.

WG: What is your main focus now that you’re in the Gold Series?

ELong.KaiTo treat every game seriously, respect each rival, and achieve our goal formulated before the games, the championship of the Gold Series.

WG: How would you describe your team’s play style?

ELong.Kai: Faster, more accurate, and more desperate than rivals.

WG: Which team in the Gold Series do you feel is your biggest competitor?

ELong.KaiT.E. They are powerful, and they’ve got good grades in the former WGL-APAC.

WG: How well do you think your team can do in the tournament?

ELong.Kai: We will execute the captain’s orders and trust our teammates.

WG: Do you feel that the team is at its peak or are there more improvements you’d like to work on?

ELong.Kai: Certainly we are not at the peak. Great improvements and more tournaments are still of necessity. The Gold Series is considered a good chance.

WG: How do you go about preparing for a match? Do you spectate or watch any replays of the other teams?

ELong.Kai: We will stick to our play style. Meanwhile, facing every rival, we will make an attempt to know theirs and watch the replays.

WG: Where will we be seeing more of the team in the future? Are you planning on taking part in more tournaments hosted by Wargaming?

ELong.Kai: Yes, we will participate in more tournaments, including Wargaming’s, and treat every training and tournament seriously.