The Grand Finals 2017: Tank How-Tos with Kazna Kru

The second team to qualify for Europe, Kazna Kru has had a long history in the League, consistently delighting fans with their amazing tank skills and fine showmanship. This outing to the Grand Finals will be their third, and we’re sure looking forward to what this impeccable team will bring to the table!

We have a good team and we will aim to do better than last year. We don't go for second best; we want the first place. — Yzne

But for now, follow along with Kazna’s Yzne for tips on how to improve your loadout in the Ru 251 and Object 261!

Spähpanzer Ru 251

[The Ru 251] is a very good tank; it is a mobile tank, and you will shoot a lot on the move and you will circle a lot of enemies. — Yzne

Object 261

... I would pick the Sixth Sense, because it will allow us to know when we are spotted and when we are not spotted. But the Sixth Sense is a perk and MUST be [at] 100% before it is effective. — Yzne

Bonus: Pro spotting tips!

Pro Spotting

This is why spotting can be one of THE most powerful things in the game. Without firing a single shell, he managed to get up to 9000 spotting [damage]. — Yzne

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