[Tournament] The Gold Cup: Go for Glory!

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Kicking off on 28 July is the Gold Cup, the ultimate summer tanking tournament. Open to all tankistas who are on the hunt for glory and have that competitive edge, it’s the place to show yourself as one of the best tank football players in the game right now!

NOTE: Registration will be open from 16 - 27 July 19:00 UTC +8. Don't miss it!

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The tournament will start off first with Group Stages and then proceed to the Play-offs. In the battle for victory, you will duly be rewarded for landing a prize-winning place. Rewards include Premium Account days, Gold, Premium Tanks, a unique Style, and Medals.

Those who progress and prove themselves on the pitch will be invited to the Grand Final of the Gold Cup tournament where the stakes get even higher. The Grand Final will see the best 32 teams battle it out to be crowned champions.

You can find all the necessary information, rules and regulations here.