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Field Forecast: Guess The Top Grand Finals Teams And Win! [UPDATED]

UPDATE: Here are the winners of the Field Forecast contest!

Tier 1: Y_KEITA, LETTUCE_ZERO, ajuha123, statpadder101, lukkymen, grapler76, rolandomatchite, tts23665, karabeni, yakumon_shiratama, PapaKilo, kittXII, Nietzschen, zakkan, VinaCafe, yakisobakun, takiev, longvuongho, razoredge4, GiaN_CoN, edwardc3, batschris, kenneth_ace0305, DemonSurvivor, hirasawayao, Angkoruins, kigen555, etxyz, Darkvision, TG_T_59, ArmyACE, Vanaheim, NaVi_Bumblebee, townsfolk, Predalien_1999, nishkaru_2, cyrus101, NgDacHieu97, priscus, kankelove1102

Tier 2: Jetalone

Participation Gift: ZeRoMemory, KyuQ9, thanhcdbk_quang, DAICON50, starbrs, _Legen_Dary, shadow2006, Jagd_Tiger, halcon, Major1

Congratulations to all, and thanks for your participation!

Tank Commanders!

The Grand Finals teams have all been announced. But who will make it to the top, and who will fall behind? Tell us your predictions for the final team ranking, and you could win an AMX 13 57 and 1 year of Premium if you’re right!

Contest: Field Forecast

There are several ways to win in Field Forecast!

  • Tier 1: Guess the final ranking of our Asia server representative, EL Gaming!
    • 40 winners will randomly be selected to win 1 AMX 13 57 each
  • Tier 2: Guess which teams will win 1st to 12th placing in The Grand Finals!
    • 1 lucky winner will randomly be selected to win 1 AMX 13 57 with 1 year Premium
  • Participation Gift: 10 contest participants will randomly be selected to receive 3 days' Premium.

It’s easy to win – simply tell us your team predictions on this form!

Players may make predictions for either/both tiers, but can only win in ONE randomly-selected tier, and only your first entry counts.

Event start: 17 April 2015 at 14:00 (UTC+8)

Event end: 24 April 2015 at 18:00 (UTC+8)

Contest Rules

  • Participation in this contest is open to all languages.
  • Entries from all countries will be collated and winners will be randomly selected from the combined pool of entries for each of the categories stated above. Judges’ decisions are final and disputes will not be entertained.
  • Participants MUST have an active World of Tanks Asia account in order to receive the prize.
  • Only ONE entry per IGN is permitted. Players submitting multiple entries will be disqualified from the contest.
  • Players are responsible for providing the correct details in their entry; Wargaming Asia reserves the right to reassign the prizes if winners' details are incorrect.
  • Wargaming Asia reserves the right to terminate the contest/event or change the prize at any time without notice.
  • Wargaming Asia reserves the right to disqualify entries that contain obscene, offensive, or inappropriate content, those that do not comply with the applicable contest/event rules, or those that seek to abuse the mechanics of the contest/event.
  • Prizes will be credited to the winners within one month after the announcement of winners.