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Featured Content of the Month – Mar 2016

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In addition to being phenomenal tank commanders, our best eSports players are dedicated to imparting their passion for World of Tanks through a variety of written guides, videos and streams. This month, in the spirit of sharing to better the WoT community, we’ve rounded up the cream of the crop for your enjoyment!

Video Content

The Game Plan: TCSG’s Meta Report – Episode 6 (Parts I & II)

The nail-biting last match of the recent WGL APAC Season II Finals, with entertaining and informative strategic commentary by The Coalition – Singapore’s Roby1Kanobie. See APAC champs EL Gaming go head-to-head against China server challengers RefornGaming, and don’t forget to watch both parts of the episode!

Video available in English only.

Written Content

The History of Himmelsdorf: Using Open Spaces

A fascinating treatise on this map’s past by poly from Caren Tiger that will surely strike a chord with players who have been on the scene since the good ol' days of 7/42. It’s not just a walk down memory lane, though – helpful diagrams and plenty of well-chosen highlights from actual pro matches mean there’s plenty to learn even for players of present-day Himmelsdorf.

Article available in Japanese only.

DarkWolves' AMX CDC Guide

Just like their previous guide to the AMX 50 B, the DarkWolves’ latest offering is extremely detailed and chock-full of useful GIFs that illustrate how best to play the fragile but dangerous Tier 8 French medium, the AMX CDC. It’s a great read for beginner and veteran players alike!

Article available in Korean only.