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Featured Content of the Month – Jan 2016

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In addition to being phenomenal tank commanders, our best eSports players are dedicated to imparting their passion for World of Tanks through a variety of written guides, videos and streams. This month, in the spirit of sharing to better the WoT community, we’ve rounded up the cream of the crop for your enjoyment!

Written Content

The Game Plan: EL Gaming’s Marksmanship Guide

Make your shots count! EL Gaming’s GuanRen dishes helpful tips on targeting enemies’ weak points, using the scope, and timing your volleys. Recommended reading for those new to the game, but also a timely reminder for more experienced players who occasionally forget how to do tanks (don’t worry, it happens to the best of us!).

The Game Plan: DarkWolves’ AMX 50 B Tank Guide

Easy to read and peppered with lots of illustrative images and GIFs, this guide from Caviar of Korean team DarkWolves is a thorough introduction to the AMX 50 B. Definitely a bonus: the fact that he carefully dissects the included video – in which he manages to nail 6 kills – so readers can better understand it.

Video Content

The Game Plan: TCSG’s Meta Report – Episode 2

How do you do battle like a champion? In this episode of Meta Report, The Coalition – Singapore unveils some of the strategies employed in a Gold Series match between EL Gaming and Immortals. Fascinating stuff, and plenty to learn here even for veteran tankers!