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Featured Content of the Month – Apr/May 2016

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In addition to being phenomenal tank commanders, our best eSports players are dedicated to imparting their passion for World of Tanks through a variety of written guides, videos and streams. This month, in the spirit of sharing to better the WoT community, we’ve rounded up the cream of the crop for your enjoyment!

Video Content

RUN Presents: How To Play WoT Like A Boss!

Follow RUN on their training sessions as they discover secret mountain passes and hidden safe houses in Abbey, Murovanka, Mines, Kharkov and Siegfried Line. Plus, learn how they brought their game to all-new heights! It’s a simple video, but plenty of fun moments in this one.

Written Content

The Game Plan: TCSG’s Post-Season Tier X Format Overview

The Coalition – Singapore’s Haku brings our first season in the new Tier X format to a fitting close with this incisive piece, illustrated by choice moments from the recent Grand Finals 2016. Learn how tank lineups have evolved, and find out which are the most popular vehicles in the pro circuit!