Announcing the Winner of Australasia Cup 2017!

They came, they fought, and after many fierce battles, they finally conquered. As the champions of the first ever Australasia Cup tournament, we are proud to present…


Australasia Cup 2017

Congratulations to our new champions on having proven their dominance in Australia & New Zealand! Each player takes home 5,000 each and the much-coveted Type 59 as proof of their impeccable tank skills.

Missed the live stream? Watch it again here!

This tournament was part of a series of exhilarating country-specific tournaments – stay tuned to find out which teams will triumph in Taiwan!

Country Cup Champions

Want to see more epic plays by teams from each nation? Click below to watch the Finals of each tournament!

SEA Cup 2017 (Southeast Asia)
Video available in English only.

Mugunghwa Cup 2017 (Korea)
Video available in Korean only.

Australasia Cup 2017 (Australia & New Zealand)
Video available in English only.

Formosa Cup 2017 (Taiwan)


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