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The Challenger Rumble: NA Teams

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As the big weekend looms ever closer, it’s time to meet the final set of contenders going to the Challenger Rumble! It’s the first time all 3 regions are meeting in battle again outside of the Grand Finals, but with the homeground advantage on their side, will NA reps Apex and eClipse be able to secure the title and head to the Champions Rumble next month? Remember to tune in on 19 November to find out!


Comprising former SIMP, Hammer Time and Noble eSports players, NA champ Apex’s roster is a pretty star-studded one. Currently being led by Jerm and Nitts, it’s a team with a ton of offline experience, having been in the WGL for 3 Seasons now, but as to whether that will be enough to get them through to the next round, only time will tell.



Despite being formed just 2 Seasons ago, eClipse has been on the up-and-up, charging in a straight path to the top through NA’s Silver and Gold Leagues and finishing in 1st place. They even managed to make it to the recent Grand Finals! Though they may have missed out on this Season’s top spot by a hair, the future nevertheless looks bright for this young team with such abundant potential.


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