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Catch the QYC Q3 Grand Final Live!

Tank Commanders!

We're heading towards the end of QYC Q3 very soon! The finals will be held on 8th and 9th November, where the last 4 teams will battle again to decide the ultimate champion. WIth a total of USD 9,600 on the line this time, rest assured that the final battles will definitely be filled with intensity and excitement as teams do their best to win.

Of course, you don't have to hear all that from us - why not watch the whole thing for yourself and root for your favourites while you're at it?

Watch Live Now

You can now watch the QYC Q3 finals in the comfort of your home by tuning in to our live stream channel. To do so, simply use the embedded video stream located below and click the Play button.

Do take note of the following stream timings for both days of the finals:

  • Day 1 (Semi-final): 8th November @ 11:50 UTC+8
  • Day 2 (Grand Final): 9th November @ 11:50 UTC+8

Match Schedules

Want to know who's matched up with who? You'll find a full list of match schedules for both the semi-final and Grand Final in the tables below:

Day 1: Semi-final


8th November

1st Match

(12:00 UTC+8)
2nd Match Steel Knight
Week 4 Champion


Day 2: Grand Final


9th November

3rd Match

(12:00 UTC+8)
1st Match Loser
2nd Match Loser
4th Match 1st Match Winner
2nd Match Winner

Vote for your favourite Ring Girl in QYC Q3!

That's right, our Ring Girls are waiting for your votes once again. Who will you choose this time? Let us know by voting in the forums - you can do so by clicking the button below.


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