APAC League Season 2 – Week 5

It’s curtain call for some of our teams – the top-ranked Major teams from each local League will be seeded directly into the League Finals, while the 2nd- and 3rd-strongest competitors progress to next week’s Major League Playoffs.

Meanwhile, the Minor League teams will play a 6th extra week of matches as scheduled below before the top 2 teams proceed directly to the Minor League Finals.

Be sure to tune in and cheer your favourite WoT extraordinaires on – they’re going need to need all the support they can get!

About the League

  • ANZ Major League
  • SEA Major League
  • JPN Major League
  • JPN Minor League
Time Match
6 Oct 2018 (Sat)

19:00 UTC +10
Reported vs  Bad Intentions
Hold My Beer vs  Big Daddy
 Damage is Damage vs The Leftovers
6 Oct 2018 (Sat)

19:45 UTC +10
Reported vs  Big Daddy
 Bad Intentions vs The Leftovers
Hold My Beer vs  Damage is Damage
Time Match
6 Oct 2018 (Sat)

18:00 UTC +8
 PIFO vs NoFreeWifi
Kang-chi vs IRON FIST
GGWP vs Anh em
6 Oct 2018 (Sat)

18:45 UTC +8
NoFreeWifi vs Anh em
Kang-chi vs GGWP
Time Match
6 Oct 2018 (Sat)

20:00 UTC +8
 Caren Tiger vs Typhoon
 PENGUIN vs Naughty Kids
Totu Gaming vs  RiZE
6 Oct 2018 (Sat)

20:45 UTC +8
 Caren Tiger vs Naughty Kids
Typhoon vs  RiZE
 PENGUIN vs Totu Gaming
Time Match
6 Oct 2018 (Sat)

20:00 UTC +8
 Throwing Mouse vs OMNIBUS
13 Oct 2018 (Sat)

20:00 UTC +8
 Throwing Mouse vs  Sense x