APAC League Season 2 – Week 3

  • ANZ Major League
  • SEA Major League
  • JPN Major League
  • JPN Minor League
Time Match
22 Sep 2018 (Sat)

19:00 UTC +10
Reported vs  Big Daddy
 Bad Intentions vs The Leftovers
Hold My Beer vs Damage is Damage
22 Sep 2018 (Sat)

19:45 UTC +10
Reported vs The Leftovers
 Big Daddy vs Damage is Damage
 Bad Intentions vs Hold My Beer
Time Match
22 Sep 2018 (Sat)

18:00 UTC +8
NoFreeWifi vs Anh em
Kang-chi vs GGWP
22 Sep 2018 (Sat)

18:45 UTC +8
 PIFO vs Anh em
NoFreeWifi vs Kang-chi
Time Match
22 Sep 2018 (Sat)

20:00 UTC +8
 Caren Tiger vs Naughty Kids
Typhoon vs  RiZE
 PENGUIN vs Totu Gaming
22 Sep 2018 (Sat)

20:45 UTC +8
 Caren Tiger vs  RiZE
Naughty Kids vs Totu Gaming
Typhoon vs  PENGUIN
Time Match
22 Sep 2018 (Sat)

20:00 UTC +8
 Throwing Mouse vs  Sense x

Ready to spice up your weekend with fast-paced skirmishes and brilliant tank tactics? Then you’ve got to catch the heroes of the WoT competitive scene right here on this page as they go head-to-head LIVE tomorrow! In the meantime, let’s get to know the freshest new members of the ANZ Major League: Damage is Damage!

About the League

Damage is Damage (ANZ)

What are your team's origins? Who founded the team?
Defiance (team captain): We are an active team known as Flying Squirrels that participated in regular tournaments every week. We wanted to step up the competition, so here we are, making our debut in the APAC League. While there are no official founders of the team, the Key people are myself, gnyiss and yswong98.

Flying Squirrels? Isn't your team name "Damage is Damage"?
We have been operating under our clan name (Flying Squirrels) for a long time, but since not everyone in our team is from the clan, we wanted a cool name that fits our mentality, which is "damage is damage". But we do occasionally go for kills.

What made you want to start participating in tournaments?
I've always wanted to fight better players/teams with higher skill levels. For me, tournaments are about competition; the rewards are just a small bonus. The feeling when you achieve something that is hard is truly remarkable.

Which of the teams are you most excited about facing in a fight?
Reported (previously Team Efficiency), Bad Intentions, and Big Daddy (previously The Janitors). It's gonna be great to fight some of the best teams on the server, and we're really looking forward to seeing their strategies/play-styles.

Are there any maps you consider yourselves relatively stronger or weaker in?
We are quite good on all maps. However, our weakest map would probably be Murovanka due to its openness and lots of lines of fire. While that map has many opportunities for us, the same goes for the enemy too... As for our strongest map, I'd say it would be Himmelsdorf... We are really confident on that map, and we can control our fights on our terms.

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