Welcome the new APAC League Champions!

The epic battle for tank supremacy has come to a thrilling conclusion, and here they are at last: Our latest APAC League champions!

Caren Tiger
APAC League 2018: Season 2


Naughty Kids
2nd Place

Reported & GGWP
3rd & 4th Place


About the League

Though all our teams put up a terrific fight, it was reigning champion Caren Tiger's manoeuvres and peerless teamwork that really sealed the deal in the final rounds – we'd expect no less from the former WGL hotshots. Click below to watch their matches again and revisit all the most thrilling moments from this weekend!

Match Results

Caren Tiger 5 - 3 Reported
Naughty Kids 5 - 1 GGWP
Caren Tiger 5 - 2 Naughty Kids

For those who claimed the special bonus code that was given out during the Finals stream, you now have exclusive access to the following mission:

[Special] APAC League EXP Bonus!

Event End 5 December, 2018 (Wednesday) @ 14:00 UTC+8 (06:00 UTC)


  • Win a Random/Grand Battle
  • Must be in the Top 10 in your team for EXP earned for battle to count


  • Not applicable to First Victories
  • Repeatable 10x per account only


  • x2 EXP

Happy tanking to all, and our heartiest congratulations once again to our fantastic APAC teams! We hope you've enjoyed this Season's show as much as we have – be sure to stay tuned for news of all our upcoming events on the official World of Tanks tournament page.