[Tournament] Armoured Persona Season 2: Growing Pains – Conclusion

The Growing Pains tournament has come to an end! Read on to uncover the surprising conclusion to this Season's story...

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Week 5: Man in the Mirror

Mikhail isn’t the team’s master tactician for nothing. Everyone learns something new from the urban training, and the team ends the day back at their garage, basking in the glow of comradeship after a fruitful session.

 Mikhail: You see, we each have different strong points. And when we play to them – instead of trying to compensate for what we don’t have – we can perform so much better.

 Arlette (grumbling): Yeah, yeah, I got it. I was just excited about being Captain, and I wanted something we could all do together. Sorry, guys.

 Nikolai (winking at her): Don’t worry about it, kiddo. We’ve all got a lot to learn about working together again, especially with Adam gone. But you’re doing fine.

 Elenor: After all, you only got lost 6 times today. Improvement!

The team shares the first hearty laugh of the day at Arlette’s exasperated face, and even the exhausted young captain can’t help but smile.

 Arlette: It’s been so long since we’ve trained together like this. And… I’ve actually really missed you all.

 Klara (blushing): Me too.

 Nikolai: You’re not so bad for a bunch of younglings.

 Elenor: Aww, stop it, guys. You’ll make my mascara run.

 Mikhail (laughing): Anyway, we will be registering for the next tournament, won’t we? We haven’t competed in ages.

 Arlette: Well… After today’s session, I think we do have a chance. I’ll go check out the entry requirements tonight.

As the team nods in accord, they hear a knock at the garage door.

 Elenor: A visitor, this late? Who could it be…

And then, the door swings open.

Who is this mysterious visitor? A dangerous opponent? A potential ally? Or a phantom from the Gun Striders’ past? You’ll have to wait till the next Armoured Persona tournament to find out…

But in the meantime, congratulations to our winning teams, as well as all who participated in this tournament! We hope you’ve enjoyed the new format so far and had lots of fun. Be sure to stay tuned for future special tournaments!