[Tournament] Armoured Persona: From the Ashes – Week 1

Ladies and gentlemen, step right up! The curtain is about to rise on an epic tale of friendship, tank battles, and victory against all odds – our first ever story tournament! Each week for the next 4 weeks, a thrilling new chapter in an original World of Tanks chronicle will be unveiled, and you’ll have the chance to determine the course of the story by uniting with your friends in battle, under the banner of your favourite Armoured Persona character.

How will this week’s story unfold? Join now to help unlock more information about the Armoured Persona universe, receive exclusive access to special missions, and win up to 2,000 – it’s time for you to pick a side and make the legend your very own!

Tournament Match Guide

Registration ends:
6 Mar 2017, 12:00 UTC +8

Stage 1
6 Mar 2017

20:00 UTC +8
Stage 2
7 Mar 2017

20:00 UTC +8
Stage 3
8 Mar 2017

20:00 UTC +8
  • Tier Points: 40
  • Maximum Tank Tier: 8
  • Team Roster: 5 players + 1 reserve
  • Game Mode: Encounter
  • Prizes (per player)
    • Stage 1
      • All players participating in battles: Exclusive access to special mission From the Ashes (details below)
    • Stage 2
      • 1st place: Advance to Stage 3
      • 2nd place: 800
      • 3rd – 4th place: 500
      • 5th – 8th place: 300
    • Stage 3
      • 1st place: 2,000
      • 2nd place: 1,000
      • Winning character's data unlocked

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  • Introduction
  • The Story So Far...
  • The Light Tank: Arlette
  • The Medium Tank: Mikhail
  • Mission: From the Ashes #1 - Arlette
  • Tournament Terms & Conditions

Click here to find out more about the Armoured Persona universe!

The Gun Striders stand upon the brink of disbandment. With their captain dead and their second-in-command missing, the five remaining members have chosen to stay together… for now.

Despite their best attempts to preserve their bonds, the recent power void has begun to cause a rift between themselves.

As the deadline for registration in the new Armoured Combat Arena season draws to its final days, the Gun Striders must decide on their next captain through a gruelling series of duels, or miss their chance to reclaim the championship title. Who will be the one to lead them?

The Story So Far...

The tournament begins! Arlette and Mikhail are the first two Gun Striders team members to duel for the title of Team Captain. Will Arlette outsmart Mikhail in her swift and deadly AMX 13 90, or will Mikhail claim dominance with this T-44 medium tank?

Read the ongoing short story here


The Light Tank: Arlette

As the Gun Walkers' youngest member, Arlette is the team's reconnaissance specialist and resident daredevil. Her duties include spotting enemy positions and disrupting their positions with harassing fire, although her reckless nature has resulted in more than a few uncomfortable close encounters throughout her fighting career.

The Medium Tank: Mikhail

Mikhail holds the distinction of being the Gun Walkers' flanking specialist and also the single most dangerous member of the team. Like a tiger stalking its prey, Mikhail prefers to stay concealed while he guides his tank ever closer to his enemies, finally pouncing on them only when the time is right.

Mission: From the Ashes #1 - Arlette

Event ends: 21 March 2017, Tuesday, 14:00 UTC +8


Win 1 battle while finishing in the Top 7 for EXP earned.


  • All battle types eligible
  • 10 times per account
  • Not applicable to First Victory
  • Restricted to French tanks only


  • 2x EXP
  • 2x Free EXP
Tournament Terms & Conditions

Please read this carefully before registration!

  • Prizes will be credited within 2 weeks (10 working days) of the end of the tournament.
  • Wargaming Asia may choose to terminate the contest/event or change/reassign the prize at any time without notice.
  • In addition, Wargaming Asia reserves the right to disqualify players who do not comply with official Wargaming rules and tournament regulations, or those who seek to abuse the mechanics of the tournament.