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The WGL APAC Season I Finals 2015 – 2016: Korea & China Teams Interview

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You’ve met the Asia server teams; now it’s time to get to know the Korea and China server teams competing in the WGL APAC Season I Finals 2015 – 2016! Previously known as ARETE, KONGDOO is a team you’re probably familiar with, as they’ve taken the WGL APAC title home 3 times in a row. But our newest entrant in the Season Finals race, RefornGaming, is more than ready to shake things up – they’ve already made a name for themselves by representing China in the recent WGL Grand Finals. Looks like a pretty thrilling show is in the works – read on for more!


Now sponsored by eSports team management company Kongdoo, recent WGL APAC Season 3 Finals champions ARETE are back for more tank action, but this time with a new moniker – KONGDOO. Their unparalleled teamwork and willpower have catapulted them to the top for 3 consecutive seasons, but will it be enough to help them hold on to their crown? Only time will tell!

WG: Please introduce your team.
KD: We developed team KONGDOO based on ARETE, which is our root team.  We are currently sponsored by KONGDOO company. Our goal is to be the number 1 team in the world.

WG: Which team do you see as your biggest competitor this season, and why?
KD: EL Gaming could be our rival this season. They are well-organized, and have placed Top 2 in the world.

WG: What challenges have you faced this season and how did you overcome them?
KD: There were times when it was tough to come together and foster good teamwork in the beginning. Even now, we are still working on the teamwork aspect.

WG: How have you been preparing for the Season Finals?
KD: We would like to improve upon some of our mistakes in the Gold Series.

WG: Is there anything you would like to say to your fans and supporters?
KD: ARETE is back with a new team name, KONGDOO. We are very proud of our fans, and love and support them just as much as they do us. We always aim to work hard to be the best.

RefornGaming (China)

RefornGaming may be the new kids on the block this Season Finals, but they’re no stranger to high-level competitions. They’ve secured 2nd place in the Kubinka International Open 2014 and 5th place in the China Mianyang Sci-Tech City Cup (MCG), gained the sponsorship of gaming product company Razer, and even participated in this year’s WGL Grand Finals – certainly a force to be reckoned with!

WG: Please introduce your team for Korean and Asian fans, as this is your first time in the APAC Season Finals.
RG: Hello everyone, we are team RefornGaming from China. All our key members have been playing WoT together for more than 1 year, and for some of us, even over 3 years. You may have watched our matches in the WGL Grand Finals 2015, but that was not all we are capable of, as some of our key players did not make it to Warsaw due to visa issues. We hope we can give a better performance this time at the APAC Season Finals, and bring our spectators many exciting WoT matches.

WG: Do you have any special strategies planned for the match?
RG: Rather than focusing on special strategies, we attach more importance to cultivating high efficiency and versatility in our daily training. We think the newly-added maps will have an influence on the stability of the “all-in” strategy, so we will make some adjustments and try to use more stable strategies in our matches.

WG: What do you aim to achieve this Season Finals?
RG: Meet EL Gaming in the finals :) But we know that the other two teams from Korea and Asia are also very strong. We once had some training matches with Caren Tiger and they are pretty good. So everything depends on how we play during each match.

WG: What challenges have you faced this season and how did you overcome them?
RG: The Chinese league (KA League) started earlier and we did not perform so well in the beginning, which made us realise that we are not the best team in terms of talent or training. So we enhanced our training after we came back from Warsaw, and thus were able to beat the stronger teams in the [KA League] playoffs and become the champion.

WG: How have you been preparing for the Season Finals?
RG: We will have lots of training before the Season Finals, and of course, pray for our visas! We hope there won’t be any issues with them this time!