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TanksAsia Season 1: Regular Series Begins!

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Tank Commanders,

TanksAsia Season 1: Regulars Series will be starting on 15th June (Saturday) and live streaming will be available for you to tune into so that you will never miss another exciting moment of this tournament.

Teams Silly Ducks Revolution and PVP Super Friends will inaugurate Regular Series with the first match which is scheduled to kick off at 11:00 UTC+8 (03:00 UTC). Following up will be Teams RTA-E and Team Efficiency in Match 2, and Teams SG and Team_Sepira_Version0.2 in Match 3.

If you have been diligently following the tournament, you will probably be familiar with these teams as they comprise of the 5th to 8th placing teams from Open Season and the strong contenders who have made it past the first Challenge series to earn the rights to compete with these seeded teams. Things are looking to get pretty heated up in the morning so why not start off a great weekend by watching some exciting fights while tucking into a hearty breakfast?

To get a piece of all the action in the tournament, tune into the live stream now!

TanksAsia Masters Season 1 - Regular Series (Week 1) Schedule


15 Jun

11:00  Match 1
Silly Ducks Revolution
PVP Super Friends
Match 2 RTA-E
Team Efficiency
14:00   Match 3

Team SG
Match 4
the Inspired Aggregated Force

Match 1 will start at 11:00 UTC+8 and Match 2 will start as soon as Match 1 ends.
Match 3 will start at 14:00 UTC+8 and Match 4 will start as soon as Match 3 ends.

The schedule overview of Season 1 can be found here. 

Alternatively, you can also go to the live stream page on the TanksAsia Masters microsite to watch the tournament.