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TanksAsia Season 1: Masters Series - Nothing but the Best!

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Tank Commanders,

TanksAsia Season 1: Masters Series begins tonight! Get ready for the most epic battles of the TanksAsia League as the best of the best will battle to stay at the top. Tune into the live stream to watch and learn a trick or two from the elite teams and keep updated with the progress of the tournament.

The top 4 teams from Open Season will be facing off against the strongest 4 contenders from Regular Series who will be contesting to take their positions in the Masters Series so these matchups are not to be missed.

Just who will get to stay in Masters Series? Tune into the live stream tonight to find out!

The brackets and streaming schedule for Masters Series (Week 1) are as follows:


25 Jun

20:00  Ro8 Match 1
U Are Dead
the Inspired Aggregated Force
After Match 1 ends Ro 8 Match 2 [I-A-F]Professional
Team Efficiency

26 Jun

20:00 Ro 8 Match 3

Insidious Gaming
After Match 3 ends Ro8 Match 4
Silly Duck Revolution

27 Jun

20:00 Ro 4 Match 1 Winner of Ro8 Match 1
Winner of Ro8 Match 2
After Match 1 ends Ro4 Match 2
Winner of Ro8 Match 3
Winner of Ro8 Match 4
After Match 2 ends Finals Winner of Ro4 Match 1
Winner of Ro4 Match 2

The first match of the day will start at 20:00 UTC+8 and the following match will start as soon as the first ends.


The schedule overview of Season 1 can be found here. 

Alternatively, you can also go to the live stream page on the TanksAsia Masters microsite to watch the tournament.