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RU/EU Inter Continental Tournament

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The League has reached a very interesting and unique stage where after the first seasons wrapped up for the EU and RU clusters,  eight teams (four from each side) were selected to advance one step further into the league. The strongest teams of WGL First Season from EU and RU clusters will come together in the battle of the continental leagues where they will represent their clusters for the title of the best in the region. The teams will contest for a total prize fund of USD 5,000 and 600,000 in gold.

Do not miss out on this epic fight!

Standings after the first season WoT Pro League (EU): Standings after the first Golden League season League (RU):
  • Team Dignitas
  • Virtus.PRO
  • Mousesports
  • Dragonborns
  • RUSH
  • New Star
  • AGaming
  • RoX.KIS

All matches will consist of 5 fights. Every team that represents its cluster will play against every team that represents the other cluster. The region that gets the most victories from its representatives will be declared the strongest.

Rules of the Tournament:

Battle Time 10 minutes
Game server RU3
Match format Eight points rule:
  • In case the win is awarded by the server, the team will be awarded a victory in the battle.
  • In the case of draw awarded by the server, the victory goes to the team, which has bigger sum of remaining vehicles by tier, at least 8 points.
  • In case of none of the teams has exceeded or has less of necessary tier points left, battle is considered as a draw.
Map pool Lakeville, Abbey, Prokhorovka, Mines, Ruinberg, Steppes, Cliff, Himmelsdorf, Ensk
  • Maps order is determined before the match.
  • Both teams remove 2 maps from the map pool by turns. As a result 5 maps left before the game start.
  • The team, which won the right to remove the map first, has the right to pick the first map of the game.  Teams take turns choosing the order of cards in all 5 fights of the meeting. The team which lost the right to remove the map first choose the respawn point before the first battle.
  • The maps of the show-tournament (continental tournament) are determined by turn-based maps removal made by the team captains. The right of the map pick is decided by coin toss.
  • Maps and respawn points selection takes place before the start of the match.
  • Team captains must pass the organizers team lineups for all battles one hour before the beginning of the competition.
  • 5 battles per match are played; each battle is played on a different map. A team gets $ 50 for winning of one match. None of the teams receive a reward in case of draw. 
  • Every region receives 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw, 0 for defeat.

Cheer for your favourite team and watch the most exciting battles of the tournament unfold together with thousands of other spectators. There will be an English language stream available and it will be hosted by our very own Luke Kneller along with Christian Riising.

RivetingTV's high energy host Luke "Dorjan" Kneller hails from England. He has been playing World of Tanks since the beta, and leads the IncGamers [INC] clan.   Christian "Highflyer15" Riising is the calm technical yin to Dorjan's yang. Highflyer's also has a personal YouTube channel World of Tanks Tips full of replays, reviews and other videos of interest to the World of Tanks player.


Both Luke and Christian will be in the thick of the battle to convey to the audience the most relevant and interesting information about the tournament for the English stream so be sure to watch the stream to keep up with what's happening in the WGL.  

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Watch the live TV broadcast and lend your support to your favourite teams!

Standings after the first season WoT Pro League (EU):