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Get Gold for advancing in TanksAsia Masters!

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Dear tank commanders,

We've had hundreds join the TanksAsia Season 1 fight for honor, glory, and the huge prize pool waiting at the end of the event. We'll be giving you even more reasons to join by giving weekly gold prizes to teams that manage to bag a place in the Challenge, Regular, and Masters series!

We hope to make World of Tanks even more visible in the eSports world with the addition of these weekly prizes. Given that the stakes have been raised, it is important for teams to read and follow the tournament rules to the letter. Teams who are late and those that fail to secure 3 wins for their match sets will be eliminated from the competition or disqualified. Elimination via these circumstances will also deem them ineligible for the gold rewards.


Get Gold for advancing in TanksAsia Masters!

Event Start: 1st June, 2013  (From first week of TanksAsia Masters Season 1)

Event End: 22nd August, 2013 (TanksAsia Masters Season 1 playoffs and finals not included)



Series name Rank Amount of teams Gold (each member)
Master 1st 1 6,000
Master 2nd 1 5,000
Master 3rd and 4th 2 3,500
 Regular 1st - 4th 4 2,000
Challenge 1st - 4th 4 1,500
5th - 8th 4 1,000
Challenge 9th - 16th 8 500



  1. Gold rewards will be credited 2 weeks after each weekly group set.
  2. Qualified teams from week 1 to 11 Aug, 2013 (Sunday) will be rewarded in 2 weeks.
  3. All teams need to follow the rules of TanksAsia Masters (Tounament Rules of the Regular & Masters series and the Challenge Series)
  4. Teams which are eliminated by disqualification will not receive gold rewards.
  5. If teams in the round of 16 or round of 8 gets a draw against their opponent, both teams can get the gold reward as determined by their ranking.
  6. If team gets assigned to a round with no opponent, they were auto advance to next round and will also get the gold reward.

 Week 9 is the final Challenge series match set, registration will be closed on Aug 10th, 23:59 UTC+8

What are you waiting for? Submit your team registration to TanksAsia Season 1 now!