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Live Stream! “Japan Season Cup Summer 2014 Stage 2”

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Tank Commanders!

The second stage in the Japan local online tournament, "Japan Season Cup Summer 2014" is ready to roll out!

Which team will win the glory and the ticket to the finals? Watch the livestream to find out!

Stage 2 Livestream will start on Saturday, August 9th at 17:30 (UTC+8)!


Summary: Japan Season Cup Summer 2014

Japan Season Cup Summer 2014 is the tournament that will decide the best players of Q3 in Japan. Stage 2 will be held on Saturday, August 9th.

These are the rules that will apply to the Japan Season Cup Summer 2014 tournament:

  • 7 vs 7 online tournament
  • Each team can consist of 7-11 members
  • There can only be a maximum of 7 tanks per team
  • Each team can use a maximum of 42 tier points
  • Only vehicles under tier 8 can be used
  • Match duration: 7 minutes
  • Maps: Himmelsdorf, Ruinberg, Ensk, Cliff, Prokhorovka, Mines, Steppes


Watch the Livestream!

Twitch Livestream on Saturday, August 9th at 17:30!



Stay tuned for the Livestream!

Note: The livestream will only be aired in Japanese.