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The Grand Finals 2016: The Group Draw

Their journey begins right here

On 19 March at 1am UTC+8, a livestream (in English) will be up and running to broadcast the group making ceremony for The Grand Finals 2016. The twelve participating teams will be sorted into four groups of three teams.

Nicolas Passemard, Head of eSports at Wargaming Europe, will be present as a special guest to conduct this event, along with Oliver Maxfield and Mitch Leslie from the ESL.

Be sure to bookmark this page so you can catch the show tonight!

The twelve teams:

Two teams from Europe: Wombats on Tanks and Tornado Rox.

Two teams from Asia: EL Gaming and GOLD BASS.

Two teams from Russia: Na'Vi and NSS.

Two teams from North America: SIMP and eClipse.

One team from China: YaTo Gaming.

Three Wildcards: their identity will be revealed at a later date.


The teams will be drawn according to the following pools:

Basket 1: four teams qualified as the first of their region (EU, NA, CIS, APAC).

Basket 2: four teams qualified as the second of their region (EU, NA, CIS, APAC).

Basket 3: three teams who received a wildcard and the team from China.

The teams that qualified from the same region cannot be placed in the same group. The wildcards can be placed anywhere.

Group stage:

In the group stage, all the teams play against all the opponents in their group, in Best of 9 matches. The first and second teams are qualified for the playoff phase, whereas the last team is eliminated.


The playoffs are played in the single elimination format. The winner of a match advances to the next round. The losing team is eliminated.



Who will bring home the most coveted trophy in the League?