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TanksAsia Pre-Season 2 Playoffs Points Tally

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Tank Commanders,

Since the first ever announcement of TanksAsia Masters, we have told you that each team that participates in a Playoffs phase will receive some amount of points based on their performance rankings.

Although we're not at the end of Season 2 yet, we are somewhere at the halfway mark. And what better way to mark the occasion with a tally of the points so far?

Without further ado, here is the list of teams that have accumulated points throughout each tournament, as well as the exact number of points they currently possess.

Team Name  Logo Points
U Are Dead 475
PVP Super Friends 400
NightEagles 250
Insidious Gaming (Formerly Alpha Team Singapore) 225
yoe IRONMEN (Formerly (I-A-F) Professional) 175
Team Efficiency 100
AVANTE-GARDE (Formerly Grumpy Old men)
Anubis Empire 75
Immortals_[VNPA] 75
the Inspired Aggregated Force 75
Silly Ducks Revolution 75
RTA-E 75
FBB2 50
NightEagles2 50
[PBKAC] 2 Grilles, 1 Krupp 50
Fadiq Bale 50
-4S- 50
PVP 2 50
-V- 50


TanksAsia Masters Season 2 is now upon us - have you registered your team yet? Who knows, you just might see your team on the table next season!

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