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World of Tanks @ Licence2Play 2013 [Updated]

Tank Commanders!

Bring out your best tanks and brace yourselves for Licence2Play 2013!

Wargaming is proud to announce a special collaboration with SPH and MINDEF, Singapore for this year's Licence2Play: the World of Tanks NSF Championship. This tournament has been organized in recognition and honor of Singapore's NSFs for all they've done for their nation, and it promises to be filled with much excitement!

Unlike other tournaments held by Wargaming, the NSF Championship has one very different requirement: Each participant in the tournament MUST be a NSF currently serving in the Singapore Armed Forces. A total prize pool of SGD15,000 and over SGD10,000 worth of Razer products has already been assembled, and will be awarded to our tournament champions at the tournament's conclusion, to be held at License2Play 2013 itself.

Registrations for the tournament are now OPEN from 16th October to 8th November 2013. Are you game for the challenge? Then assemble your team of 7 and prepare for battle!

[Update: Registration date has been extended from 5th November 2013 to 8th November 2013.]


Register for the NSF Championship here

Visit the Licence2Play microsite