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TanksAsia Masters Season 2 is Finally Here! [UPDATED]

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Tank Commanders!

The stage is set and the time has come again; TanksAsia Masters has returned!

After a short break from the action of last season's epic Final between PVP and ISG, we're charging back in with renewed energy for the second season. Featuring a total prize pool of USD$100,000, we're throwing open the gates once more to welcome any team who considers themselves worthy of the reward.

This time around, we're introducing a new twist in the Playoffs phase that occurs after the matches in the Masters bracket have concluded: In Season 2, all 6 winners of each respective country's National Series will skip the initial Challenge and Regular brackets, and compete amongst themselves with the 4th and 5th place holders of the Masters bracket, giving them a straight shot at becoming the champion of the entire tournament.

The second week of registration for the Challenge series is open NOW, and will close on October 26th, 23:59 hours (UTC +8). There's no time to lose, so scramble your team and signup for the tournament!

Qualifying Teams for Week 1 Regular Series:

  • BoughtABagLastYear
  • PVP Yolo Gamingx
  • Rush
  • MiTH.FrontMission


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