[Live Stream] Join the Australia Fire Relief Auction


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23 January 2020, Thursday
12:00 - 20:00 UTC +8 (15:00 - 23:00 UTC +11)
Hosted by Vondle & JayRated

As you have probably heard by now, World of Tanks has been supporting the relief efforts for the devastating fires currently ablaze in Australia. Since launching our Bushfire Bundle in the Premium Shop last week, tank commanders from across Asia have come together to raise over $20,000 AUD for BlazeAid and their incredible work rebuilding rural communities ravaged by fire. To those who have already donated, on behalf of the ANZ team — thank you so much!

To continue to support this fantastic organisation, we will be hosting an auction tomorrow during an 8-hour charity stream. There will be over 40 items up for grabs in the auction:

  • Exclusive tanks such as the  VIII Type 59 X AMX 50 Foch (155)   and  X FV215b (183)  
  • Personalised experiences from Wargaming Asia, including a custom digital print from the World of Tanks art team, and a 1-on-1 platoon/Q&A with the World of Tanks Regional Product Director, CynicalSilicon
  • Masterclasses in game design, development and publishing from the Wargaming Sydney office
  • Merchandise from all over the globe, including some signed by Wargaming founder Victor Kislyi

Both the stream and the auction will be live from 12 — 8pm UTC +8, and 100% of all funds raised from them will again be donated directly to BlazeAid.

You can find the full list of items available for auction below. If you would like to bid on an item, you can do so via this form:

Join the Auction

Please note that all bids MUST be submitted in Australian Dollars (AUD).

Thank you all for your kind support!

Auction Items Available

Standard Premium Vehicles (Top 3 bidders, Asia Server only)
Item Number Item Description
#01 VII AMX 13 57  


#02 VI Cromwell B


#03 V KV-220-2


#04 VIII M41D


#05 VIII Progetto M35 mod. 46


#06 IV Pz.Kpfw. B2 740 (f)


#07 IV T-28E with F-30


#08 VIII T-44-100


#09 VI TOG II*


#10 VIII VK 75.01 (K)


Exclusive Premium Offers (Asia Server only)
Item Number Item Description
#11 VII E 25


#12 VIII Panhard EBR 75 (FL 10)


#13 X FV215b (183)


#14 X AMX 50 Foch (155)


#15 VIII IS-3A


#16 VIII Lansen C  (with "Odin's Wolves" Custom 3D Style)

#17 VIII M54 Renegade


#18 VIII Type 59


#19 VII Type 62



365 Days of WoT Premium Account

Wargaming Asia Experiences
Item Number Item Description
#21 Personal Tour of the Wargaming Sydney Office
#22 Personalised Digital Print/Wallpaper by the World of Tanks Art Team
#23 Platoon and Q&A with Cynical Silicon (WoT Asia Regional Product Director)
#24 Platoon and Q&A with JayRated and Vondle (ANZ Community Team)
#25 Platoon and Q&A with Conan (SEA Community Team)
#26 Platoon and Q&A with b_khaleesi (Japan Community Team)
#27 Platoon and Q&A with Wendy and Artic Storm (Chinese Community Team)
Wargaming Sydney Masterclasses
Item Number Item Description
#28 Game Design with Leigh Harris
#29 3D Art and Portfolio Review with Eric Fear
#30 UI and UX for Games with Nick Strine
#31 Engineering with Aidan Boneham
#32 Game Production with Ally Mclean
#33 Project Management with Sylsien Harding
#34 Twitch Production and Streaming with Vondle
#35 Content, Copywriting and Community Management with JayRated
Merchandise (Top 5 bidders)
Item Number Item Description
#36 Wargaming Sydney Fleece Hoodie (models sold separately)
#37 World of Tanks 1.0 Litre Glass Stein
#38 World of Tanks 'Arty Safe' Umbrella
Signed Merchandise
Item Number Item Description
#39 World of Tanks Mousemat (signed by Max Chuvalov) and Pro Gaming Mouse
#40 World of Tanks Mousemat (signed by Victor Kislyi) and Pro Gaming Mouse
Handmade Woodcut Plaques by 'Munk'

Item Number Item Description
#41 KV-1 (20x11cm)
#42 IS-7 (28x10cm)
#43 ISU-152 (34x10cm)
#44 Tiger 1 (27x11cm)
#45 Leichttraktor (33x19cm)
#46 Jagdpanther (25x10cm)
#47 M3 Lee (24x15cm)
#48 Sherman (16x11cm)
#49 T26E5 'Patriot' (31x14cm)
#50 Cromwell (22x10cm)

About Wargaming Sydney Masterclasses


All Wargaming Sydney Masterclasses are 2-hour sessions, held online or in person (Sydney CBD only). If you are the winning bidder for any of these masterclasses, you will be put in touch with your class master to arrange a time and to get an idea of what areas you’d like to focus on.

Leigh Harris, Senior Game Designer

Leigh Harris is a Senior Game Designer at Wargaming Sydney, and ran Flat Earth Games (TownCraft, Metrocide, Objects in Space) with his sister Elissa for 8 years prior to joining the team.

Are you working on a game at any stage of development and want some professional insight? Leigh has spent his entire 18-year career in video games, with roles spanning game design, PR, journalism and teaching. He’s been the lead designer on multiple award-winning games, and has spoken on all things video games around the world.

Eric Fear, Senior Technical Artist

Eric Fear was previously Co-Founder of Inspace XR, creating Virtual Reality design software for architects, and currently listed top-5 on the Australian Financial Review's prop-tech startups to watch in 2020. Before that he was a teacher in the Game Art faculty at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE).

“In my career I’ve worked on dozens of applications in the serious games, visualisation, and simulation spaces, predominantly creating digital 3D spaces before they have been built. This allows designers to refine, owners to sell or lease, and construction to risk-mitigate and train. Some of these clients range from Coca-Cola, Viacom, Macquarie Bank, and Lendlease, to name a few.

In my session I will be able to cover 3D modelling techniques for games, provide feedback on art portfolios, or help level-up experience in game engines (specifically Unreal Engine 4).”

Nick Strine, Senior UI and UX Designer

Nick Strine is Wargaming Sydney’s Senior UI & UX Designer, with 20 years' industry experience in gaming, interactive content, and spatial computing. Holding multiple global and local design awards for projects like Vive’s Awake and Screen Australia’s Wentworth VR, Nick’s Masterclass will cover everything about designing juicy interactions and desirable content for your game. Learn pro secrets and tool tips for stylish UI.

Aidan Boneham, Software Engineer

Aidan has spent his entire career in the interactive programming space, first as a designer and programmer for SeeThrough Studios and Floating Man Games, before teaching at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment.

In his 4 years at Wargaming he’s learnt quite a few tricks about Software Engineering, and his session will cover building, testing, implementing and iterating core gameplay loops and features.

Ally Mclean, Product Manager

Ally is a writer, producer, and technology advocate based in Sydney, Australia. Currently, Ally is the CEO of The Working Lunch, a social enterprise dedicated to creating opportunities for underrepresented genders in the games industry, and Product Manager at one of Australia's largest and most successful game studios, Wargaming Sydney.

Ally is a TEDx Speaker, Women's Weekly "Women of the Future" award-winner, and was named 2019's "Industry Champion" at the Australian Game Developer Awards.

Ally’s session will cover all things game production, and running the development of a game at any scale, from Indie to Triple-A.

Sylsien Harding, Senior Project Manager

“While I’ve been at Wargaming, I’ve managed the Sydney effort on the render tech for the WoT 1.0 ‘Encore’ engine, World of Warships: Legends, and World of Tanks AR Spectate, which showed at Gamescom 2018. Although it has its challenges, I really enjoy working as part of a global development team; it’s awesome to see how different people work and to see all the parts come together from all over the world.

My session will be focused around Project Management skills and agile development — working through the project lifecycle, ensuring there’s progress, and managing stakeholders. Also more generally, productivity, and people and team management.”

Vondle, World of Tanks Content Creator

Vondle is the Content Creator for World of Tanks, and has also been known in the online world as a Partnered Twitch Streamer and Influencer for the past 4 years.

He’s more than willing to help anyone on their quest to become a Twitch streamer or chase their dreams of Partnership, where he’ll answer any questions and help with any aspect of streaming.

His experience ranges from running a brand as your sole business, brand engagement and sponsorship, production and OBS management, and even accounting and financial help from his background in commerce, with majors in accounting and finance.

JayRated, Community Manager - ANZ

Before he was your beloved Community Manager for World of Tanks ANZ, Jay (known in the real world as Jake) has worked on all three sides of content and community (agency, client, freelance). Working with clients including, but not limited to Red Bull, Virgin, Gillette, and the NSW Government, Jay has spent over 5 years sharpening his skills across content production, copywriting, digital design, community and social media management.

In his session Jake will cover the basics of social media management, the differences in copywriting for print, web, and social, multi-skilling with design, and how to tailor different messages to different audiences.