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World of Tanks lands on Taipei Game Show in 3 Weeks!

Tank commanders!

Three weeks remain before the start of Taipei Game Show 2014! The World of Tanks is set to make a huge presence for this year's convention - are you ready for it?

We all know that the various iterations of World of Tanks will be shown in our gigantic booth this time round (Xbox 360 Edition, anyone?), but what about the other things that will really make this TpGS something to remember? Find out here!


Event Details

Wargaming @ Taipei Game Show 2014
Date 23 - 27 January 2014
Time 10AM - 6PM Daily
Taipei World Trade Centre Hall 1, Booth Number B502


Cosplay Girls

Who says you can't cosplay as a tank? Not these girls, that's for sure! Our favourite cosplayers will be walking amongst you, decked in the faux-metal plates of famous tanks as they greet you in TpGS. Be sure to say hi!

Xiang Xiang, the Legendary 3 Year-old Tank Commander

You've heard the stories, and it's all true - a young boy with a passion for tanks has achieved celebrity status overnight, with the aid of a video posted online documenting his astonishing skills that surpass players far beyond his age. Now, Xiang Xiang the Taiwanese World of Tanks prodigy will get to attend the convention as a little present for him!

Watch the video that propelled him to stardom here.

TanksAsia Masters Finals: Can You Tank This?

Our TanksAsia Masters tournament is nearing the end of Season 2, and we're wrapping things up in the biggest arena we can think of! This TpGS, prepare to watch the very last matches in person with hordes of cheering fans as these three teams battle it out in the tournament stage:

Insidious Gaming
PVP Super Friends
Team Efficiency

With a staggering prize money of USD 60,000 on the line, who will become champion of Season 2? Find out as you watch it LIVE!



Lucky Draws and Dancing Tank Girls

Like all our previous events, we'll be holding a lucky draw for all attendees that visit our booth. There's some big prizes to be won, so be sure to show up and participate!

If you're not sure how to go about doing this, or just have a question about our booth in general, you can always turn to our beautiful Tank Girls. Yes, these beautiful ladies clad in military attire are set to return after being the main attraction in last year's TpGS. We've received many requests asking about their return since, so we're bringing them back again.

They'll mainly be there to help guide veterans and new players alike to whereever they have to be, but they'll also be showing off some new dance moves this year. Ask nicely and they might even take a photo with you, so make sure to bring along your best cameras (and more memory cards)!

RSVP on Facebook NOW to win free ticket passes to TpGS!

Can't wait to get your tickets to see us? You need to read this!

Starting from 30th December this year, we will be choosing two of our Facebook followers to win FREE entry passes to TpGS 2014 every week. If you'd like to win these for yourself, all you have to do is to RSVP to our event on Facebook. Simple as that!

But don't delay - our last batch of winners will be decided on 20th January, and the contest will close right after that. So don't waste any time and let us know you're coming!

Read more about the contest details here.


Note: Transportation and accommodation costs to attend TpGS are not covered. Winners must be present at the
                venue to collect their tickets.

More details will be announced as we move closer to the start of the event. Check back soon for updates!