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World of Tanks @ Taipei Game Show 2013: Day 5

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Taipei City, 04 Febraury, 2013 (Monday) - It’s the last day of the annual Taipei Game Show! Although most people have to work hard for the upcoming Chinese Festival holidays, the Nangang Exhibition Hall was still packed with many students who are in their winter vacation hoping to get the lastest and hottest information about the popular games this year. World of Tanks has become a hot topic of discussion amongst Taiwanese gamers for the last 4 days, so the World of Tanks booth was still filled with lots of fans even on a weekday Monday.

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The booth was crowded with lots fans wanting to get more information about World of Tanks

Serving the gamers is our top priority for, so we wanted to give our best to deliver the most exciting and interesting event for everyone who visited our booth on the last day. We received many great responses from players who have experienced World of Tanks at our demo stations, waxing lyrical about the easy-controls and the life-like battlefields which they deemed as the biggest draw for them. Many of them will be having a great time with World of Tanks during this Chinese New Year holiday!

Not only do adults like World of Tanks, this little girl shows us how easily she controls her beast of steel with a mouse


11:00 UTC+8 “Chariot Dance”

The opening highlight of the day was a fast paced chariot dance performed by our very own glamorous Tank Girls. Besides the chariot dance, our beautiful host was also trying her best to give out premiums, ensuring that everyone gets their share of gifts from


Tank Girls: ”Don’t forget us and don’t forget to install World of Tanks when you got home!”

Premiums for all!


13:00 UTC+8 “Interviews”

Even after four days of daily nonstop media interviews, representatives Max and Jasper showed no signs of slowing down nor gave the slightest hint of fatigue. Jasper was impressed by the passion and hospitality of the Taiwaneses people and thoroughly enjoyed all the delicious food that Taiwan had to offer. The year 2013 is an important step for in E-Sport and Max believes that the Taiwanese gamers will achieve some amazing feats in the international tournaments of the World of Tanks Championship.


While the staff is outside serving the gamers, Max and Jasper are inside serving the media. They are all fighting for the brighter future of Wargaming!


15:00 UTC+8 "Lucky Draw"

Although thousands of players get to experience World of Tanks in the demo stations every day, only one lucky winner will be able to hit the jackpot in the lucky draw, which was giving out gaming headsets, backpacks as well as a Super Prize that will make the winner the envy of all gamers. The chance to have their photo taken with ALL the Tank Girls.

Lucky guy!


16:00 UTC+8 ”Tank Girls vs Audiences”

After all that practice with the audiences over four days, our Tank Girls are no more timid prey that can be easily picked off. They are now the gamers’ nightmare that can easily beat any group who challenges them. Some of the Tank Girls remarked that the game is so interesting that they will continue to invite their friends to play World of Tanks. This goes to show that the game is not just for the men only!

17:00 UTC+8 "Curtain Call"

Time flies when you're having a good time. Taipei Game Show 2013 may be coming to an end but it marks the first step of World of Tanks into the Taiwan market, making a huge splash with this successful event. Thanks to all the participants, staff from Singapore and Taiwan, Tank Girls and activity staff for bringing such a great and amazing show to all Taiwanese gamers. In the upcoming days, will be making a bigger presence in the Taiwan market so ready yourselves for the ride. Let’s battle!

From all Wargaming staff at Taipei Game Show 2013,WE LOVE YOU TAIWAN!



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