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Wargaming Grub Fest 2013: After Action Report

Onground Events
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Tank Commanders!

Last Saturday on the 21st of September, we assembled in our respective countries for a night of feasting in Grub Fest 2013. To put it simply - we came, we saw, we conquered (with our bellies).

Apart from the free T-shirts that were handed out to almost everyone at the event, some of you may have conquered more than just mere food. Three participants from each city were picked to be the lucky winners of a Razer Ouroboros gaming mouse.

A picture says a thousand words, so we'll let you view a novel's worth. Scroll down below and click on the 'more' button to reveal more photos taken at each location.




World of Tanks fans and players in Malaysia made their way to Nasi Kandar Pelita in Kuala Lumpur to join in the fun and to have their fill of food, fun and good cheer.

Everyone was very enthusiastic throughout the event, and it all ended on a high note!


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The Philippines

Our players hailing from the Philippines came together on Saturday evening to participate in Grub Fest 2013 as well.

They were served by the helpful staff at Bear's Grille Restaurant in Quezon City, and entertained by the local Wargaming team throughout the night.

As a special treat, the champions of TanksAsia Masters Season 1 - PVP Super Friends - also made an appearance on stage!


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Singapore made plans to have its Grub Fest party at the sandy beaches of East Coast Park, where they were treated to a barbeque dinner by the Singapore team. As night fell, the crowd began to settle down and dig into the food.

One of the contests held by the local Wargaming team was a 'Sand Tank' contest, the winners of which would be rewarded with a hefty sum of in-game gold! Needless to say, competition was rather stiff.


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Thailand's Grub Fest was held right at the Best Beef Restaurant in Bangkok, where players were treated to a great indoor barbeque dinner.

The venue was predictably buzzy and packed with fans of all ages. It's easy to lose your bearings with all the food, events and prizes, so it was fortunate that there were ladies in uniformed costumes available to usher the fans to where they had to be.


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Our Australian team opted for a much more casual and cosy setting this time around by opening up the Grub Fest at Brisbane's Elysium Internet Cafe.

Question: What do you get when you get World of Tanks players into a room filled with gaming PCs, pizza and soft drinks? Answer: Gaming Nirvana (a.k.a. Grub Fest 2013)

The LAN Party concept was an excellent way to give players a great time, which was exactly what the attendees got.

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We at Wargaming have enjoyed ourselves immensely at this Grub Fest, and we hope that you did, too.

Hope to see you in the next one!


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"Wait! What about Taiwan?"

Unfortunately, our Taiwanese friends weren't able to join us in last week's Grub Fest due to inclement weather. But fear not! Taiwan's Grub Fest celebration will still occur on Saturday 19th October from 7PM to 8.30PM, at the HAHA iCafe in Taipei City.

If you're in Taipei on that day, be sure to drop in and grab a plate! Just remember to RSVP by clicking the button below:

RSVP for the Taiwan Grub Fest