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[TW] TPGS 2014 Day 5 Review

Tank Commanders!

Today is the 5th and also the last day of TpGS 2014!  In order to give our loyal Tank Commanders a memorable experience, we have many exciting programs, lucky draws and a hot dance that will be held at the Wargaming booth to mark an impressive and happy ending for TpGS 2014! Whether you came to TpGS to visit us or not, you can read about the events that transpired in our first-hand report or check out our World of Tanks Facebook Album.


10:00 The Opening

Even though it was a Monday, there were still many people waiting outside the convention hall early in the morning. Perhaps it was due to the winter vacation, so many people who wanted to avoid the weekend crowd decided to come by before the event ended today. The WG Girls, despite working for the past 4 days, never showed a sign of fatigue as they lined up and welcomed visitors with their sweetest smiles.



12:00 Excellent Programs


When the event opened its doors to the visitors, many people made a beeline for the Wargaming booth to join in the mini games. The first game was an exciting 7v7 battle. 14 players were chosen at random and divided into two teams, where they competed against each other for prizes. The second game was Roaches Battle. Another 14 players were chosen by the host to form two teams again, but this time, they used T2 Light Tank premium tanks instead.


14:00 Propaganda, Roll Out!

At TpGS 2014, there's no escaping World of Tanks! No matter where you turn to look, you can find World of Tanks staring back at you (even in the restrooms!)  



17:00 The End of a Great Show



The day was coming to an end but the Wargaming booth showed no signs of slowing down. The energetic dance performance by the WG Girls left spectators bopping their heads to the beat and the mini game, Body Guards had the audience in a frenzy, each wanting to have a go at the game for the amazing prizes. The best event, the Final Lucky Draw was saved for the last and a lucky player got to have his photo taken with all of the WG Girls. This unique prize was especially popular with the men and for good reason. How often do you get to have your photo taken with a bevy of beauties?






And that's a wrap for TpGS 2014! We hope you have enjoyed the activities we have put up for everyone during the past 5 days. We will be busy preparing for the next show so please continue to support our events. See you next time!

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