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[TW] Wargaming 1st Day(Jan 23) Program in TPGS 2014


Tank Commanders!

Tomorrow, the Taipei Game Show will throw open its doors to legions of gaming and anime fans from all over Asia. For our part, we're ready to deliver the best experience yet for all World of Tanks fans with loads of gifts, games and giveaways!

Event Details

Wargaming @ Taipei Game Show 2014
Date 23 - 27 January 2014
Time 10AM - 6PM Daily (Taipei local time)
Taipei World Trade Centre Hall 1, Booth Number B502


Do you want to know what are the exciting events planned at the Wargaming booth on the first day of TPGS? Read on for the details now!

Wargaming Booth Program (Jan 23)
 Time  Program  Detail
 11:00 am Mini Games - Roaches Battle
Light tanks 7v7 random battles!
 12:00 pm 1st Lucky Draw
Feeling lucky for the New Year? Try your luck!
 12:30 pm World of Warplanes Introduction Speech by World of Warplanes producer Michael Zinchenko
 13:00 pm 2nd Lucky Draw Feeling lucky for the New Year? Try your luck!
 13:30 pm Mini Games - Models Mayhem
Think  you are better than the WG Girls? Challenge them!
 14:00 pm 3rd Lucky Draw Feeling lucky for the New Year? Try your luck!
 15:00 pm

4th Lucky Draw

Mini  Games - Are you sure?

Feeling lucky for the New Year? Try your luck!

Q&A, who dares, wins!

 16:00 pm   5th Lucky Draw Feeling lucky for the New Year? Try your luck!
 16:30 pm Mini Games - Last Tank Standing
Who will be the Ace Tank Commander left standing?
 17:00 pm

Grand Lucky Draw

Mini Game - Body Guards 

Final Lucky Draw

Feeling lucky for the New Year? Try your luck!

It's everyone's responsibility to protect the VIP!

Take a photo with the WG girls... but only limited to one lucky chap!


Please note that the event schedule may be subject to change.



If you think that's all the activities we have planned for the event then you are mistaken! We have more interesting activities to share with everyone.


Game Showcases

What's a game convention without a showcase of some of our newest games? In this year's TpGS, we'll be giving a demonstration of some of our upcoming releases, such as World of Tanks: Xbox 360 EditionWorld of Tanks: Blitz, and of course, World of Tanks itself. We have set aside ample space in our booth for everyone to have a go at these games, so be sure to drop by for a spin!

Quest Card mini-game

At our Wargaming booth, you can get a Quest Card where you can fulfill quests in return for great prizes. Each Quest Card will display a checklist filled with three tasks that you will have to accomplish. Once you've completed the tasks within, you'll be able to redeem some cool World of Tanks premiums such as t-shirts, mugs and more.  It's that easy!

And remember! Do not miss our Taipei Game Show Hunt Us Down event! Earn 500for yourself!

Besides these, we still have more activities in store for you, like Girls und Panzer Voice Actresses AppearancesTanksAsia Masters Grand Final and 3-years-old World of Tanks prodigy Xiang Xiang will be onground to demonstrate his prowess!

Feeling excited about the event already? Stick around and look out for more information on our portal. Be sure to come to our booth on time to catch all the activities!


These photos offer just a glimpse of what's to come. Please come to TPGS from Jan 23 to Jan 27 to experience this great show!


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