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Thank You SG Players!

Just over the weekend, we held the very first Meet the Players Session in SEA region at E2Max Cineleisure and boy, what great fun we had! The World of Tanks SG Team had the good opportunity to meet up with some of the awesome players in Singapore, interacting with them and getting to know the community.


RAWR! Feel the Tank Power!

We even had an unexpected little guest who made a grand entrance as it rolled in with gun totting splendour, trailed behind by a group of curious onlookers who had gathered to watch the little guy strut his stuff.

I may be small but I'm a lean, mean, killing machine.

After registrations and a brief welcome talk, players settled themselves down at the provided terminals and engaged in some friendly competition. After which, they filled in a specially prepared survey form and got to ask some questions regarding the game during the Q&A session. Through this session, we managed to collate valuable feedback which will aid us in providing a better gaming experience for the players.  

Q&A session in progress!

Here’s saying a big THANK YOU to all the Singaporean players who participated in the event. We really appreciate everyone taking time off their busy schedules to drop by the event. Hope to see everyone again soon!

To view the event photos, click here.