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TOKYO GAME SHOW 2015 Public Day 2 Review

Onground Events
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The final day! The final showdown! The stage event of the last day includes a bit of everything tanks! Find out more below!

For information on the programs and goodies and details on the bigger, better Wargaming booth this year, check out the page below! 


 The final day usually gets the most visitors, crowds flooded into TGS as the venue opened.

World of Tanks meets Girls und Panzer Tank Talks

The first stage was between Girls und Panzer Producer Kiyoshi Sugiyama and Wargaming’s Military Advisor Tadamasa “WG_Phalanx” Miyanaga. The two first talked about the1:1 scale Pz.Kpfw IV prop sitting outside the event venue. This was created by Weta Workshop in New Zealand known for creating outfits and sets for films such as “The Hobbit” and the VFX for “Avengers.” Weta has another face, and is known for exceptionally well built military replicas, both life-size and scaled, and has made flyable replicas of WWI biplanes.

Having a life-size tank would be nice for promotion, but this was only a dream at first, as it was not possible to gather enough funds to get a tank at first.

Things suddenly got rolling when a game machine manufacturer Heiwa Corporation wanted something big for their release event, and they agreed to fund the life-size tank as a part of the promotion. The problem was, this was decided in June, and the release event is happening in August! Scott T. Hards of HobbyLink knew folks from Weta Workshop and so he went in between the clients in Japan and Weta. Sugiyama Producer had almost given up due to lack of time, but the people at Weta Workshop were interested and excited on hearing the project, and agreed to start working before any formal contract is made so the tank can be completed on time for the event.

After the funding and the production time problem was sorted, there was the legal problem. In order to import a tank-like object into Japan, various documentation and proof was needed that this was a “toy” that looks like a tank, and does not have an actual firing mechanism or ability to be modified to fire live rounds. Here, help came in the form of president of Kamado Corporation, who is the owner of the replica Type 95 Ha-Go light tank, which was displayed at the TGS 2013 Wargaming booth! The president had experience importing tank replicas, so he handled the customs documentation of the Pz.kpfw IV.

This life style tank sits in front of TGS due to the help and the effort of many, many people!

In its current state, the replica Pz.kpfw IV does not run, but by mounting an engine and reinforcing the tracks, the tank can be made to run on its own engine. One day we might be able to see the tank run around Oarai like in the Girls und Panzer anime!

The talk then switched to rescue helicopters. Wargaming does not have plans for World of Helicopters at this point, but Producer Sugiyama previously worked on the “Rescue Wings” series, which depicted the Japan Air Self-Defense Force. Tadamasa commented the recent floods in Japan was worried how with the recent explosive use of the social media, the first person to tweet anything big gets the attention, whether the information is correct or not.


"ARTEMA" Goes Live on TGS!

Heavy metal sounds shake the TGS stage as Artema busts on to stage! This odd collaboration happened on Twitter when the Wargaming PR account found Artema members liked World of Tanks, and dedicated a song “ROLL OUT” to it. The Artema folks came and left like a tornado, as their schedule is tight and they have other lives to attend!


Battle of the...Gaming PC Manufacturers..!?

The next stage is the PC Manufacturer Tournament, where three gaming PC makers clash on stage! Participating are Team Level Infinity (, Team G-Tune (Mouse Computer) and Team Galleria (Dospara)! A lot of the teams hired a helper or two to strengthen and coach the team. See several familiar faces on stage..?

Masked Hero Iiyaman Red (Team Level Infinity) does not take off his mask even during battle. The mask doesn’t obstruct his vision, hopefully. Level Infinity, which a WoT eSports caster on the team, wins the first round, it almost seemed like they will win the championship, but Team Galleria (dressed in the white uniform) defeats both teams and takes the champion title! Congratulations!

World of Tanks Presentation Stage

Miss Yusuke of comes back on stage again today, this times to present World of Tanks to the Girls und Panzer crew. Today Miss Yusuke tried to convince the guests how World of Tanks was like a dating sim with the different tanks with different charms.

After several chaotic Powerpoint slides, the crew concluded “All is well because Hakkyun (Type 89) is a cute tank!


Final Stage, Final Battle VS Wargaming!

The final stages of the day, and the final stage of TGS2015 is VS Wargaming! This year, the Wargaming Team has not been able to win against the media team on business day and the attendee team yesterday. So, this Wargaming Japan team felt they had to win to avenge the losses of the previous days. There however, is a problem: Wargaming Japan’s president Kawashima, the team leader, is not good with the game.

 Despite telling themselves they have to win, the WG team loses the first match and no more losses can be afforded. The WG team switch in an IS-3 and change tactics, and make a dramatic come back!

 The crowd roars as a one-on-one direct fire artillery duel by the team leaders happen, and president Kawashima, unfortunately (but predictably) loses. The team as a whole wins the battle! And as a result, the spectators near the stage got goodies handed to them from the WG team! Great job to both teams!



And this concludes TGS 2015. Thank you for all of you who came or watched online.

Hope to see you again in a nearby Wargaming event!