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[SG] Tank Buddy Referral Program now available!

Singaporean Tank Commanders!

Have you ever thought about recommending World of Tanks to your best friends? While you can always find someone to platoon with at the Command Centre whenever you visit, it's always more awesome to play with your buddy sitting beside you. Unlike the average platoonmate, you know for a fact that he'll always have your back, and will be a much better ally on the battlefield.

But here's a problem... he doesn't play World of Tanks. What do you do?

Introducing the Tank Buddy Referral Program

Starting from today onwards, we're rolling out a new Tank Buddy Referral Program that's created specially for you. Get your friends (AKA your future brothers-in-arms) to create their own account while you're at the Command Centre, and the both of you will get some rewards!

How it Works

First, you'll need one (1) friend.

Got hold of him? Great! Now, the both of you will need to come down to the Command Centre cybercafe to register yourselves as 'Experienced Player' and 'New Player'. New Players will register for their own World of Tanks account on the spot as well, but if he already has one created before leaving the house, no worries - all new accounts that are created from 16th April onwards will be eligible for this program.

And that's all you need to do to be part of this Referral Program!

One more thing: if you have more than one friend, we'll be happy to register them under your name as well. This way, you earn even more rewards, and you'll always have a friend to team up with whenever you visit the Command Centre. There's no limit to the number of friends you may have, so don't be afraid to tell them about World of Tanks!


Here's where the exciting stuff starts to happen. You and your friend will receive a few things as soon as you sign up, but more rewards await if you fulfill certain other requirements! Read on to find out more.

Upon Registration

  • Free gold for your buddy: He will receive 500 gold, which will be credited directly to his account.
  • Free Play at the Command Centre: Once the both of you are acknowledged as partners in the Referral Program, you are allowed up to 5 hours free game-time at the Command Centre cybercafe every week, until the end of June.The more friends that sign up under your name, the more hours you have access to.
    • You are only allowed to use the Free Play hours if you and your friend visit the Command Centre together.
    • You cannot 'chain' Free Play hours together by bringing more than one friend along; each session will be capped out at 5 hours maximum.
    • World of Tanks is the only game available for Free Play.

After Registration

  • 1,000 gold reward: Once your buddy purchases a Tier 5 credit tank, let us know and we'll credit your accounts (both you and your buddy's) with 1,000 gold.
  • 5,000 gold reward: When you get 10 friends to register and reach Tier 5, we'll grant another 5,000 gold reward, just for you.

Register and get your Rewards now!

The Tank Buddy Referral Program is available now, so bring your friend along to the Command Centre when you can! Train them well, and you'll not only receive generous amounts of gold - you'll also have platoon mates that you can really depend on.

Roll out!