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Salam MY Tank Commanders!

Tank Commanders were welcomed by the WoT girls and the ferocious Panther when they approached the stage.


As the tank commanders made their way to the event grounds; setting foot into Berjaya Times Square, weaving through the crowds and into the lift and up to the ninth floor, there was only one common feeling they shared in their racing hearts… excitement.

On arrival, they were greeted with goodie bags filled with World of Tanks T-Shirts, posters and Combat Tank Collection magazines. Registrants for the event got to bring home a goodie bag each while their friends who tagged along for the fun received a copy of the magazine so no one went home empty-handed.

Tank Commanders filling in the survey form after “tanking” a few rounds during the free play session.


Those who had received their T-shirts couldn’t wait to put on their newly acquired loots and changed on the spot into them before plonking themselves down at the PCs opened for free play. After some browsing and preparations, they selected their tanks and started going at each other for a few rounds with their comrades. Other cyber café patrons were so curious about the whole group that they decided to join in the fun too. The more the merrier!

Tank commanders gathering around in front of the stage for the speech (or maybe for the WoT Girls).


Mr Sean Foong, World of Tanks MY Country Manager addressing the players.


When the registered Tank Commanders all arrived in full force, a short speech was given to these loyal fans, thanking them for their attendance at the event and their unwavering support for World of Tanks. By then, the atmosphere was starting to liven up and after the speech, the players returned back to their seats for a few more rounds of tank domination before breaking for tea time.

Delicious Noms for everyone…. Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom.


Tank Commanders exchanging handshakes after their round.


A small friendly 6v6 tournament was held and 6 teams were formed impromptu to challenge one another. Tank Commanders were given the choice to choose any tanks in the tournament and each side showed no mercy to their opponents as they went all out against each other, dishing out their best weaponry. As the battle raged on, IS-7, Maus, T-30 & Bat Chatillon became common sights to behold. Shouts uttered during the thrill of the moment echoed through the whole cyber café while onlookers cheered and clapped their hands in support of those who were playing.

Team Saki Baki wins the day!


At the end of the mini tournament, Team Saki Baki emerged at the top of our very first friendly match. Their win came as a surprise as this team was made up of the remaining Tank Commanders who couldn’t find enough team members to make up the squad (thus contributing to their team name).

When the end of the event drew to a close, everyone gathered in front of the stage for a photo taking session before bidding farewell to one another and going their own separate ways with joy and contentment filled in their hearts.



World of Tanks MY team would like to express their gratitude to all of those who came down and made the event a success and a memorable experience for everyone! We enjoyed meeting up with everyone and sincerely hope that we have met your expectations. Take care and we shall meet again in the near future. Terima Kasih!

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