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[Results] [SG] 29 Mar 2014 Cybercafe FREE PLAY & Challenge

Tank Commanders,

Thanks for attending our 29th March Cybercafe FREE PLAY & Challenge in Singapore! This particular challenge was especially tough; kudos to everyone who attempted the feat.

Our aces of course are worth a special mention, as they managed to score critical hits against 6 seperate tanks at least. It's definitely not an easy task!

Enjoy your gold - you deserve it!

See you again soon!

[Results] [SG] 29 Mar 2014 Cybercafe FREE PLAY & Challenge

1st place — ISG_AVTR —Reward: 5,000+ 1,000

2nd place — SWS_Hans —Reward: 3,000+ 1,000

3rd place — b1uetears —Reward: 2,000+ 1,000

These players will be rewarded with 1,000
IJN_Ikazuchi, Iceyse, kiasi, SWS_Forward, ISG_Cepheus, Silverheart, TitanuzMech, SWS_paperleaf, xDartharusx, ISG_Seahchye, chavenz, HolySharK, Tenoori_Taiga, 2012_PlayeR, axmili, Tr011er, ISG_Monoceros, Astr024, ISG_Cetus, NoThing29, ThePowerOfLove