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[PH] Cafe Tank Wars Qualifiers Week 5 (14 June)

Tank Commanders in the Philippines!

Week 5 of the Cafe Tank Wars Qualifiers will be happening soon! If you're not in the tournament yet and you're hungry for fame and (a little) fortune, get yourselves down to the venue this week and battle your way into the Playoffs!

Want to know more about this tournament? Click here to read all about it.

Venues and Dates: Week 5

We have two more venues open for this week - one in Quezon City, the other in Pasay City. Check out the details below to see where they are and when the event begins!

Remember, the champion of the entire tournament (to be decided after the Grand Finals) will win PHP 15,000 as a cash prize. It's definitely not pocket change, so do your best and win it for yourself!

Note: Some of the venues below contain two timeslots. The one from 1PM - 3PM is reserved for the Cybercafe Challenge (another WoT event unrelated to the tournament). If you're interested, come over earlier and get some training!

Again, attendance for the Cybercafe Challenge is NOT compulsory to join the tournament.

Venue #1: TFJ Internet Cafe
Date 14 June 2014
Time 1PM - 3PM - CyberCafe Challenge (4 kills = 800 Gold)
4PM onwards - Café Tank Wars
Address 2 Anonas St. Aurora Blvd.Quezon City (Besides Mcdonald Anonas)
Venue #2: Protoss 3 Internet Cafe
Date 14 June 2014
Time 1PM - 3PM - CyberCafe Challenge (4 kills = 800 Gold)
4PM onwards - Café Tank Wars Qualifiers
Address Arnaiz Ave., Libertad, Pasay City

For more details regarding tournament registrations and pre-match information, please click here.

About the Philippines Cafe Tank Wars Tournament

The Cafe Tank Wars Tournament is an event specially organized for players who prefer to play in the cybercafes near them. Beginning with an on-ground Qualifiers for the first stage and followed by the Playoffs and Grand Finals (which will be held online instead), this tournament will offer players the chance to compete in a regional tournament while giving them the luxury of remaining in their neighbourhood.

With an attractive prize pool to win and the chance to be known as one of the best players in the Philippines, We're putting out the call for all interested parties to join in!

Tournament Phases

The tournament itself consists of three main phases: the City Qualifiers, the Playoffs and the Grand Finals. Starting from this weekend onwards, the tournament will begin with the City Qualifiers, where players based in several cities will assemble in the venue, register their teams and be seeded into matches against rival teams from the same city.

One thing to note is that players are not required to be in a team before the arrive at the venue; if you wish, you can find your future brothers-in-arms at the place once you get there and sign up as a group. The City Qualifiers will also be held in a different set of cities each week, so if your city didn't make the list today, just be patient, it might come up next week, or the week after!

At the end of the day, the best team in each city will be recognised as the city's Cafe Tank Team, who will play in the next stage: the Playoffs. The City Qualifiers will continue selecting each city's Cafe Tank Team until it concludes in early June, when the Playoffs will begin.

During the Playoffs stage, the teams will be seeded according to the tournament brackets, and will square off against one another. The ones that remain victorious will proceed towards the Grand Finals of the tournament, and vie for the title of Champion.

Tournament Details

Like any other tournament, we have rules to make sure everyone gets an equal chance to show their skills and have a good time. Here's what you need to know:

  • Players must form a team of 7 players, representing any local internet cafe from their respective cities.
  • Their team name should be the name of the internet cafe they are representing.
  • Players can register their team on the day of the qualifiers in their city.
  • All tournament matches will be based around 7v7 game modes, featuring a maximum of Tier 8 vehicles. Each team will be allocated 42 Tier Points to spend for all 7 vehicles.
  • The City Qualifiers, Playoffs and Grand Finals will all be held as 'Best of 3' matches.

For more information about the tournament rules and regulations, please visit this link.


What's the point of a tournament if there aren't any prizes to be won? Luckily, this tournament won't be lacking in goodies to give away when the time comes. Here's a small list:

Grand Finals Prizes

  • Champion Team: PHP 15,000
  • 1st Runner-up Team: PHP 10,000
  • 2nd Runner-up Team: PHP 5,000

City Qualifier Prizes

  • 1st Place (City Cafe Tank Team): 3,000each + 1 Shirt each
  • 2nd Place: 2,000each
  • 3rd Place: 1,000each

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