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Licence2Play 2012: Day 2

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Licence2Play 2012 Day 2: 8th December, 2012 (Saturday)

12:00 UTC+8

We start off Day 2 of Licence2Play 2012 on a great note with one of our stage activities - Defeat the Editor, whereby random members of the public were picked from the crowd to battle it out against a team comprising of an editor from the press and GMs from World of Tanks. By then, a huge crowd had already gathered in front of the stage (some of whom were Tank Commanders from clans SNTR and LOS), hoping to be picked by the MCs for this special stage event for a chance to win some exclusive premiums. After some jostling about in the crowd, six players were finally selected to compete against an editor from Straits Times Digital Life with a team of World of Tanks GMs assigned to protect him. The battle was over in a flash when the Tank Commanders, standing united and driven by cheers of support from their comrades in the crowd, swiftly defeated the editor team to win themselves some fantastic loots.

13:00 UTC+8

We start on the first T-shirt giveaway stage event for Day 2. Check out the exhilarated looks on these Tank Commanders' faces when they got their T-shirts!



Seeing that the members of clans SNTR and LOS were present onsite and there were sufficient players available to form teams of 7 each, we took the opportunity to organize an impromptu exhibition match between the two clans. After a riveting performance and an exciting shootoff between the last standing tanks of both teams in the deciding match, team LOS takes the win over SNTR with a final score of 2:0.

Clan SNTR (said to have over 250 members!) in a group photo.


14:30 UTC+8

The finals of the first ever World of Tanks ITE Tournament between Teams & to decide who gets to walk away with the champion title and bring glory to their school. Team Subzero scores the first point for the tournament after a convincing win over Team Mirul in Round 1.

Round 2 started off in an uneventful standoff between both teams waiting it out for the other side to make a mistake first before it finally escalates into a fierce firefight upon the first enemy tank being scouted. After the dust had settled, Team Subzero emerges victorious once again to secure another point for the team, bringing the overall score to 2:0.

With a final score of 4:0, Team Subzero is crowned the champion of the ITE tournament to win for themselves the top prize of $1,400 and a BenQ monitor worth $799 each.

15:30 UTC+8

Power 98 DJs, JK & Emily make a special appearance at the booth to give on site roving reports of the booth activities and to give out 2,500 gold bonuses in a special stage giveaway.

16:00 UTC+8

The Tank, Warplane and Warship Commanders take to the stage in the next segment of the stage activities - Models Rampage where they will go up against 7 members of the public. The slots were quickly snatched up by eager participants who were all clambering to get a shot at the T-shirt prize we're giving out. After a 1:1 score at the end of  Round 2, the challenging team closed up the competition with a final score of 2:1 to break the tie.

If you're wondering about what other giveaways we have in store, have a look at the goodie bag we're handing out for completing our Quest Card missions!


16:30 UTC+8

We invite the Power 98 DJs, JK & Emily on stage once again and a special VIP from ITE, Mr Lim Kim Pang on stage for the prize presentation ceremony of the World of Tanks ITE Tournament.

17:30 UTC+8

The Commanders for World of Tanks, World of Warplanes and World of Warships embark on their routine march around the event hall. You know the drill, folks. Follow them for the goodies!

18:30 UTC+8

Question and Answer session followed by a lucky draw before we end Day 2 of Licence2Play 2012. One lucky winner got to walk away with a BenQ monitor!

And that's a wrap for Day 2. Onwards to Day 3!

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