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[JP] TOKYO GAME SHOW 2014 Day 1 Review & Day 2 Programmes

Onground Events
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Tank Commanders!

The biggest Japanese game expo “Tokyo Game Show” finally opened.

At the Wargaming booth, we exhibited the this year`s new big title “World of Warships” which is an online naval battle strategy game, our hit title “World of Tanks”, “World of Tanks Xbox: 360 Edition”, and “World of Tanks Blitz”.

Also, there is a photo area that displays a detailed gun turret of the YAMATO battleship, and a special play room featuring the battleship YAMATO as a surprise exhibition. Those, of course, attracted a huge crowd.

We will report the first business day of Tokyo Game Show 2014 here.

Please check the link below for the stage programme and event merchandise!


10:00 WG Show Girls make an entry!

WG Show Girls appeared in front of the battleship Yamato`s turret at the Wargaming booth. Other than Tank Girls, Warship Girls represented "World of Warships" dressed up in cute outfits inspired by sailors.

12:00 A Full House at Wargaming Trial Play booth

This year, we exhibited “World of Tanks”, ”World of Tanks Xbox : 360 Edition”, and “World of Tanks Blitz”. Even though it was just day one, many visitors dropped by for a few games.

In addition, there's a Trial Play booth for the hot new title “World of Warships” at the back. This title is still under development, so “World of Warships” Trial Play booth takes on a mysterious look. The fans who were curious for this new game made a line to wait for their turn to play.



13:00 Wargaming CEO speaks about upcoming plans

Wargaming stage event started with a speech by's CEO, Victor Kislyi. Victor was thankful for the Japanese player community that is growing at the fastest pace in the world, and then he announced about new collaborations.

First up was the collaboration with the movie Fury coming this fall. The preview with Japanese subtitles was released for the first time in Japan.

Subsequently, he talked about a current collaboration World of Tanks and Girls und Panzer. A limited edition Girls und Panzer MOD (voice and vehicle skin MOD pack) was announced. This pack is limited for first 30,000 people, so keep your eyes out for upcoming news!

Last but not least, a new collaboration between Wargaming's upcoming title World of Warships and TV animation Arpeggio of Blue Steel -ARS NOVA- was announced as big surprise. Takeshi Minami (producer of Arpeggio of Blue Steel -ARS NOVA-), and voice actress Mai Fuchigami (as main character, Iona) steps up to the stage. They announced that they will collaborate the girls with World of Warships from now on, but not with tanks. Mai Fuchigami , also known from the collaboration with Girls und Panzer, will be involved in this new collaboration too.


In addition, a secret live performance by “Trident” Mai Fuchigami (as Iona), Manami Numakura (as Takao), Hibiku Yamamura (as Haruna), a idol unit formed for the anime Arpeggio of Blue Steel -ARS NOVA- will be held on the second public day (Sept. 21).

This will be available for viewing on livestreaming via Wargaming booth channel on Niconico. Don't miss it. Check it out!!


14:30 Online Naval Battle Strategy “World of Warships” special stage

On the special stage of new title World of Warships, Iwan Morozov (Global Operation) takes the stage, he gave a summary of the game (destroyer, battleship, carrier. Vessels in Tier I-X) and a introduced part of Japanese tech tree.

After that, Tatyana Sagirova (Quality Assurance) and Tadamasa Miyanaga (Military adviser for Wargaming Japan) introduced how World of Warships was been developed.

They explained World of Warships has been developed at the studio in Saint Petersburg which is home for the Russian Navy, and how battleships in the game was created by using battleship Yamato as an example.

They also mentioned that research documents were sourced only from the internet when they started developing. The research materials from Japan were really useful.




First business day on Tokyo Game Show ended on a high note from the announcements of new collaborations.

Please expect more events tomorrow at the Wargaming booth!

Tokyo Game Show 2014: Day 2

Please check for the programme on Friday, 19th September.

Wargaming booth 2nd day (19th, September) programme
Time (UTC+9) Program Detail

 "World of Tanks"

A short explanation of our title "World of Tanks"


"Razer VS GUNNAR" Special Battle Stage

TEAM RAZER’s very own pro gamer “Fuudo” will be representing Razer on stage and will be going for a head on collision with Team DetonatioN’s pro gamer "Dustelbox", representing GUNNAR! Each captain will rally up players from the audience and fight for their brand’s fame in a special battle match! Now both teams will also be accompanied by the beautiful model and a selfie enthusiast, Yuka Kuramochi and Saki Yoshida!

Maid Special Battle Stage in TGS

The cute maids from our previous offline event, "WoT So-senkyo" will be back on stage at Tokyo Game Show 2014. The maids will form their own team and face up against the media team in a "World of Tanks" exhibition match! The maids from “Maid Café Pinafore”, "Maid Café Academy Filles” “Maid Café Togenkyo” “Maid Café Bar Heart of Hearts” 
"JAM AKIHABARA" "Cafe Mal:lish" will be duking it out on stage with the media guests.


VS Wargaming Special Battle Stage

Wargaming CEO Victor himself and his global staff "Wargaming Alliance" will be facing the Audience in an exhibition match! If "Wargaming Alliance" team wins, prizes will be given out to the audience at the venue. If "Wargaming Alliance" team loses, a bonus code will be given to users through the Nico Nico Livestream! Wargaming CEO Victor and other members of our global staffs are planned to be on stage.


Event schedule may be changed.


Information for NICONICO livestreaming

Those who can't make it to Tokyo Game Show 2014, don't fret! Throughout the 4 days of the event, there will be a livestream feed showing everything going on at the venue! Also, keep an eye out for the keywords appearing throughout the show. The first 15,000 users to find out the code will be presented with a week's worth of premium time! Be sure to check out all the shows!

You will need to create a Nico Nico account in order to view the Livestream. Please refer to the livestream for the latest information.