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Davao Cyber Expo 2012 (PH)

The Davao Cyber Expo is here once again! Following up on the previous successes – a testament to the immense influence that the cyber entertainment culture currently holds, World of Tanks will be participating in this year’s DCE which will be held at the Annex, SM City Davao in the Philippines. The event will be held over a span of 3 days over the weekend from 27-29 July, 2012 and Tank Commanders can expect to see their favourite tanks at the World of Tanks booth which we will be setting up at the venue.

New registrants can join in on the fun by participating in free play challenges to win themselves some gold. Managing 4 kills within a time frame of 1 hour will entitle new Tank Commanders to 500 gold. For 8 kills, they can get 1,000 gold. Special mini tournaments (such as the Tier 1 Epic Battles where only Tier 1 tanks will be allowed in battle) will also be held for all who wish to participate. Prizes such as lanyards, USBs and mouse pads are up for grabs for winners of these mini tournaments.

In addition to these exciting activities, one can also get an opportunity to take pictures with our Tank Girl as well as try out the different tanks in the game with your friends with our 20 PC setup at the booth. We will also be giving away stickers, posters and tickets with invite codes over the course of the 3 days so be sure to drop by the World of Tanks booth!

Make this weekend a fun filled and memorable one by heading down to the Davao Cyber Expo 2012. We at World of Tanks look forward to seeing you there!

Davao Cyber Expo (PH)

Date: 27-29 July, 2012

Time:10am to 9pm

Venue: Annex, SM City Davao


What is the DCE?

Davao Cyber Expo (DCE) 2012 is a system of events themed at celebrating the tech savvy culture of Davao City, currently in its 6th year running. Considered as one of Davao’s pride for being a truly unique, well organized, and massively attended event, the word about the annual DCE has reached the far corners of the Philippines, drawing participation and audiences from groups like PC gamers, PC enthusiasts, graphic designers and students and has been the hot topic in numerous online communities.

DCE is an event that is fully supported by the local city government of Davao.

What can you expect to see at DCE 2012?

  • Online Game tournaments for DotA, NBA2k12, Street Fight 4 etc - big competitions by top online gaming companies
  • Cosplay - dressing up as your favorite anime characters, cosplay is one of the most awaited events in DCE. Celebrity Guest appearance by Ms. Alodia Gosiengfiao
  • LAN Party Extreme (LPX) - 3 days gathering of the best computers in Davao, set at the center of the event venue. The event will host the usual competition on PC Modding, Performance, and HighEnd Gaming. It’s aimed also to wow and educate the public with better understanding of what QUALITY PC COMPONENTS are all about
  • Tech Xtreme Exhibits - a unique tech exhibit where people come to see new High-End PC Components and accessories, learn about them, and get purchasing information.
  • Others – Live Bands, SM CyberZone, on the spot contests, challenges, SMS activities, raffles, and so much more!