AusArmourFest Wrap Up

AusArmourFest 2019 is a Wrap!

We had an incredible time partnering once again with The Australian Armour and Artillery Museum for this amazing event.

Between capturing content, hosting player gatherings, and of course riding on tanks, we had our hands full on AusArmourFest weekend.

Thanks to the help of our awesome Community Contributors streaming from our booth, we were still able to bring the event to those of you who couldn’t make it.

How did we do that, you ask?

The answer, Tank Commanders, lies in Facebook. The exhibition was broadcasted on Facebook livestreaming. You could watch historical re-enactments, tank rides, and tanks featured in the game.

Special Thanks From Us

A big thank you to the CCs Flying_Elite, Napalmer, Ravvi ShellSp0nge, StewieJP, AAF staff (and of course little Stewy) who helped over the weekend.

We also want to thank all those of you who attended the players gathering in the museum, which couldn’t have been a better backdrop for the night.

We hope you enjoyed all the offerings over the weekend, both in-game, online, and on-ground!

See What Happened on AusArmourFest 2019

If you missed out on AusArmourFest 2019, we’ve got you covered with a gallery showcasing some of our best shots of the weekend.

Watch the Highlights of AusArmourFest 2019

We also prepared a montage video featuring the best that AusArmourFest 2019 had to offer. Watch it below!